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Looking Back: The Megalopolitan Storm of 1983

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5 hours ago, SP said:

This was the first coastal I ever experienced living at the shore, monmouth college back then. I will never forget hiking to the beach, wearing old goggles to protect the eyes and the first time I ever saw the ocean rise like that, with insane wave action.

I also will never forget Lloyd Lindsay Young, met for channel 9 out of NYC. He was all over this storm as well the others to follow. He became our go to weatherman noon each day.

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Oh yeah I forgot to mention the sinking of that ship SS Marine Electric - Wikipedia

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Lloyd Lindsay Young!!
”Hellooooooooooo Secaucus!”

When he gave a shout out to us at college the suite went NUTS. He was a legend for winter forecasting. Provided good info and plenty of laughs.

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I was a senior in college up at UMASS/Amherst at the time so a different dynamic for this storm being in what was a basically a "rural" area on a big university campus. We did get almost 2ft up there.  There was a good little summary of the big storms up that way here - https://www.masslive.com/news/2015/01/top_western_massachusetts_snow.html

A number of the articles from that link were referencing Bradley Airport, which was right across the MA/CT border from Springfield, MA (where Amherst is about 30 miles NE of Springfield).

And I know many of us miss Jim O'Brien (not just from his "weather guy" career but on WFIL 560 doing Top 40 as a disk jockey).  But in addition to him and "real" met Elliot Abrams on KYW, don't forget Herb Clarke, just "across the street" from Channel 6 on City Line Ave., - another who was doing the "weather man" role on TV at the time.


(Below from 2008 - lots of "weathering" in the pic :lol:)


As a sidenote, my first thundersnow came a decade or so before 1983 - there was a storm that started as pouring rain and then the cold air came blasting in.  I had actually made a mention in my little diary at the time complete with an illustration. :D  It was either in '71 or '72.

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^ WFIL Philly 56! I had a WFIL greatest hits compellation from the '70 in my vinyl collection. Unfortunately like most of my vinyl, it was lost in Isaias. :(

Getting back to the '83 storm, the other thing I recall, along with the '78 storm and PD1 was, as awesome as it was to get those huge amounts, it kind of sucked that it was too deep to go sledding.

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