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Gravity Wave

Weather Events Ranking/Survey

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While we're all trapped inside, and with the weather looking boring for the foreseeable future, I figured I would post this survey. Basically, it's a list of hypothetical weather events that you're going to rank in order from the one you'd most want to experience to the one you definitely don't want to experience. Here's the list of 15 events to rank, in no particular order.

  • An EF-2 tornado (wouldn't directly damage your property, but would pass nearby so that you could clearly see it)
  • Golfball/Hen egg-sized hail (1.75-2")
  • severe thunderstorm (funnel cloud, 70 mph winds, quarter sized hail)
  • A Derecho (similar in intensity to the 1998 labor day derecho)
  • A 12" snowstorm with blizzard conditions (basically a 1/4/18 rerun with slightly higher totals)
  • A 20" snowstorm but without any wind and with marginal temps (basically a 2/10/10 rerun)
  • A gravity wave that drops 4" of snow in an hour with a complete whiteout for the entire period.
  • An ice storm with 4" of sleet and 1/2" of freezing rain
  • A dry heat wave with three days of temps between 100 and 105 and low humidity and dews.
  • A humid heat wave with three days of temps between 95 and 100 and 70-75 degree dews.
  • A cold snap with three days of sub-zero lows and highs around 10 degrees, plus a light breeze at times.
  • A category 2 hurricane landfall in NJ/LI that then tracks over your house (not an extratropical storm like Sandy).
  • A powerful nor'easter similar to the Ash Wednesday storm of 1962, no snow (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ash_Wednesday_Storm_of_1962)
  • A historic river flooding event with perhaps 2-3 significant rainstorms or one major tropical remnant (like Lee in 2011)
  • A flash flooding event with 6 inches of rain in 8 hours

Here is my ranking:

1) 20" Snowstorm

2) Derecho

3) 12" Snowstorm

4) Hurricane

5) Gravity Wave

6) Severe Thunderstorm

7) Ice Storm

8) Flash Flooding Event

9) Nor'easter

10) Tornado 

11) Cold Snap

12) River Flooding Event

13) Large hail

14) Dry heat wave

15) Humid heat wave

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