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Winter of 2016-17 PICTURE RECAP - SE MI

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I have been doing this as long as Ive been on the weather boards, so here we go.


2016-17 was the 2nd consecutive very mild winter following 2 severely cold winters. Snowfall in the end was close to normal with 41.6" imby an just a few inches shy of normal at DTW at 37.9". Snowcover was a few weeks less than normal, but I think it was the several long stretches of warm snowless weather mid-winter that made the winter feel even worse than it was.


NOVEMBER 2016 - 0.1"

The only measurable snow came on the 19th as snow squalls hit the region, causing a whiteout of heavy snow at U of M stadium in Ann Arbor during a game.


11-19-16..snowcovered pumpkins at a restaurant a few miles SW of mby, clearly they had more than 0.1



DECEMBER 2016 - 18.5"

The best month of winter by far. The 16.8" at DTW was good for 13th snowiest Dec on record, but most of that snow fell in a 1 week span Dec 11-17. It was the perfect atmosphere leading up to Christmas, and right on the general publics cue, the snowpack melted on the 26th. The storm of the 11th was the highlight of winter with 10.9" of snow imby and 10.7" at DTW, though unexpected snow squalls on the 14th dropped 2.5" and then a smaller storm on the 16-17th dropped 3.7".


12-11-16...snowstorm rages







12-12-16...temps warmed to 36 post storm and compacted the snow from 11" to 8" the next day, snowmen and heart attack shoveling now ruled





12-14-16..arctic front snow squalls...expected a dusting...ended up with 2.5"



12-17-16...a 3.7" snowfall created the deepest snowpack of winter, even though it was still officially autumn





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12-19-16...the coldest day of winter. Despite full sun it felt brutal out, starting at 0F and climinbing to the teens, wind chills well below zero





12-21-16...winter solstice



12-25-16...Christmas was murky, gray, and slushy, but a White Christmas nonetheless




JANUARY 2017 - 13.3"

A 16 day "torch" of snowless hell ruled the core of the month, so it is actually very impressive that snowfall finished around normal to a drop above imby. Several whiteout squalls hit during the month thanks to Lake Michigan, though the two synoptic hits were a 3.3-inch snow that ushered in the forch and a 4.7-inch clipper on the last day of the month.


1-7-17...whiteout squall accompanies arctic front



1-10-17...a 3.3" snow ushers in a 2+ week stretch of very mild January weather





1-29-17...Detroit shrouded in a whiteout



1-29-17...the whiteout subsides over Detroit...a night of squalls dropped over 2 inches of snow



1-30-17..more heavy snow squalls



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1-31-17...a classic clipper drops 4.7" of powder, jackpotting right over my area





FEBRUARY 2017 - 1.9"

A squall that dropped over an inch of snow on 20 minutes on the 1st was the highlight of the month. Though the first week of the month had a solid snowpack, the rest of the month was highlighted by a February torch.


2-1-17...morning squall makes for a dicey commute



2-2-17...a sunny and bitterly cold day in a month that would be remembered for anything but bitter cold.



2-5-17...taking a break from sledding



2-19-17...February torch



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MARCH 2017 - 7.7"

A mid-month weeklong cold snap ushered us back into mid-winter, along with a 5.5" snowstorm on the 13th, which would be the 2nd largest storm of the season. It was powdery and blowing and drifting snow continued the next day. Several bursts of snow on the 17th/18th would be the last of the month. Mid-month snowcover lasted about a week.


3-3-17...March started much colder than Feb ended, along with snow showers



3-13-17..mid-March snowstorm with temps in the low 20s









3-14-17...frigid for mid-March



3-17-17...snow and sleet make for a slippery St Pattys day



APRIL 2017 - 0.1"

Wind blown snow showers on the 6th/7th are the last flakes of the season to date, with the rest of April looking mild


4-6-17...April snow



Thats a wrap on 2016-17. Total snowfall 41.6" imby and 37.9" at DTW


Since 2002 imby...

2016-17: 41.6" - 39 days w/ 1"+ snowcover

2015-16: 35.0" - 37 days w/ 1"+ snowcover

2014-15: 48.5" - 74 days w/ 1"+ snowcover

2013-14: 96.2" - 95 days w/ 1"+ snowcover

2012-13: 47.9" - 52 days w/ 1"+ snowcover

2011-12: 25.5" - 20 days w/ 1"+ snowcover
2010-11: 69.4" - 81 days w/ 1"+ snowcover
2009-10: 46.1" - 58 days w/ 1"+ snowcover
2008-09: 64.8" - 62 days w/ 1"+ snowcover
2007-08: 78.2" - 69 days w/ 1"+ snowcover
2006-07: 36.3" - 49 days w/ 1"+ snowcover
2005-06: 41.9" - 46 days w/ 1"+ snowcover
2004-05: 80.7" - 65 days w/ 1"+ snowcover
2003-04: 38.0" - 60 days w/ 1"+ snowcover
2002-03: 69.0" - 67 days w/ 1"+ snowcover


BONUS - pics from my trip to Marquette in February


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