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Start to Meteorology

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      I have been lurking on this website for over a year now.  I recently moved to Central New Jersey I guess you could call it (Joint Base MDL) in late 2015.  I came from Guam which was amazing and had its fair share of typhoons.  I would sit at work and go to the NOAA website for the pacific and try to predict when we will see another typhoon, and those that were live, which direction it would go.  I have always been fascinated with weather and always will be.  I am 10 years into the Air Force and though I do love my job (OSHA and EPA for the Air Force) I just really enjoy weather.  I am almost finished with my bachelors in environmental science and was curious how did you all start?  What schools or programs out there could get my foot in the door?  I read each post in the Mid-Atlantic, Philly, and New York metro daily learning each day about the maps, and the forecasts and love it.  I just told my mother last week that upstate South Carolina may get slammed with snow, and she didn’t believe me.  From all your posts and observations I was right on the money and they got almost 5 inches.  Any guidance is greatly appreciated, and I thank you all for what you do.  You may see me post from time to time in those forums above, but don’t mind me, I am still learning!


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If you are up to the challenge of taking the required courses maybe you could cross-train and transfer to a weather position within the Air Force.

The BAS in Meteorology is a Unique Program Open to those with a CCAF in Meteorology from the United States Air Force:


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