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Nevada earthquake swarm

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Here is an article from 2011 about a similar swarm ..this one seems more intense


Huge US army depot in the area too



the first 4

3.8 2016/12/28 00:29:39 38.370N 118.937W 2.8 32 km (20 mi) WSW of Hawthorne, NV

4.0 2016/12/28 00:26:06 38.389N 118.905W 9.3 29 km (18 mi) WSW of Hawthorne,

 5.7 2016/12/28 00:22:12 38.392N 118.899W 12.0 28 km (18 mi) WSW of Hawthorne,

 5.7 2016/12/28 00:18:00 38.375N 118.904W 8.2 30 km (18 mi) SW of Hawthorne, NV

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I've seen people argue that there is a strong statistical link between earthquakes and near solar minimums, as well as fracking.  Not sure if NV has a lot of fracking, or if we are close enough to the minimum for either to be a factor?

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