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March Madness


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Everyone knows this March had historic warmth so I crunched the numbers on the climo reports and came up with the following temperature stats; through March 29th the breakdown goes like this:

BDL: 47.2F - New Record - Old Record: 46.2F, March 1945

ORH: 44.4F - Tied 2nd Warmest (1946) - 1st Warmest: 44.9F, March 1946

BOS: 47.1F - 2nd Warmest - 1st Warmest: 47.2, March 1946

PVD: 46.7F - 3rd Warmest - 2nd Warmest: 47.9F, March 1945 - 1st Warmest: 48.4F, March 1946

CON: 42.3F - New Record - Old Record: 41.1F, March 1921

I figured I'd post this now since whatever negative departures we have for today and tomorrow won't affect these numbers too much. I suppose ORH will fall to 3rd warmest when all is said and done.


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