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  1. I think there is a possibility of real drought in the LV in this pattern. Today is looking bleak and Sunday does not look too promising. .
  2. 2” here in Allentown area and winding down outside and on radar. Nevertheless snow on snow is great but congrats to the jackpot winners to the south like the Chester County dude.
  3. Out of curiosity did anyone do well in any bands during the afternoon / evening or were those fools gold on radar? The band over the delmarva looks interesting. I am shocked that the low still spins off the coast with a broad circulation far inland.
  4. Have not seen such a band of heavy snow since the 32” storm several years ago.
  5. I take back my now stupid earlier post about sleet in Allentown. It is ripping heavy snow here.
  6. No, not this far north and only today when it was already happen did ice enter the forecast. These forecasts typically do not account for the influence of the original low to the west prior to the coastal becoming primary, and that coastal is not exerting primary influence in all layers yet. You can nowcast at this point and I would estimate the entire snowfall prediction can be held as suspect now.
  7. 50/50 sleet snow this far north in Allentown. The forecasts heading into this were wrong. .
  8. Interesting obs from some of you to the south considering it is all sleet here in Allentown. .
  9. The last thing I expected to wake up to in the Allentown area is sleet, and sleet it is. The other surprise is a ragged looking coastal storm that has not yet taken over - hence the sleet. .
  10. Snow and sleet battling here in Macungie, i thought snow was back at 100% but sleet now back big time. I think the line is literally wavering north and south along I78 / US22. About 7” here. .
  11. The front end thump is so important as the wraparound is generally over-predicted in these storms and often disappoints. It is tough to say what will happen with this one as the nowcasting presentation is questionable to our southwest but let’s see what happens as the low cranks up further to see if it fills. .
  12. Mix of snow and sleet here in macungie, next door to allentown. That line us blasting north. .
  13. I may have been off by a few hours as the weakening continues and is only at 110 now on a steady march down in intensity(incredible considering how recent we were looking at a 185 mph behemoth) but the undeniable fact is that this thing had wound down quicker than most anticipated because it sat and spun over cool waters caused by itself. It really looks beat up right now. Sometimes we ignore the fundamentals with these storms -ie exceptional oceanic warmth is required to maintain intensity. Let’s see if it really has begun the move north and if it can regain any intensity over the gulf stream. .
  14. I remember a similar intensity hurricane that everybody from these boards to the nhc themselves said would survive intact near peak intensity after heading inland along the cuban coast. A couple truths have not been learned by many - land and cooler water - damages hurricanes. Dorian’s stall is murdering it with the island interaction but more importantly the upwelling cooler water. I think we will he looking at a cat 1 by noon tomorrow. .