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  1. I wonder if truly US 222 and I 78 ends up being the boundary rather than I 95. It is going to be close. Allentown is merely sitting at a 1/2” at this point.
  2. This is why I questioned earlier if the forecasts for several inches actually verify. I think the cutoff will be sharp. You can already see that nowcasting.
  3. Does anyone see the eastern PA several inch rainfall forecasts materializing today? There is a decent batch of moisture but not looking that dire at this point.
  4. There is nothing wrong with that statement as it is the truth.
  5. Starting to think Poconos will be prolific as well. It will be interesting to see how far south the precip shield gets tonight. Looks like it has made it just south of i78 and i81.
  6. Very interesting history. Thank you. I always assumed the flooding was from runoff from overdevelopment. Lower Macungie was the fastest growing township in PA in the last census, Upper Macungie is now seeing that extreme population growth. And both townships have a huge manufacturing and warehouse footprint. What was farmland is now surburbia. Any truth to the rumor that Jandl offered to dredge the creek some time ago and was scared off by liability concerns?
  7. Let’s be honest, the mere act of spitting in that creek brings it to flood level. The flooding there is caused by poor regional planning in decades past leading to explosive growth and development in that area… in fact it has been one of the fastest growing areas in PA. The area now looks more like northern NJ or the DC suburbs. The rain was absorbed by the land for thousands of years. Now it runs off pavement and buildings. I am sure it is flooded tonight as well with some banding of heavier showers over that area.
  8. Received about 3/4” yesterday near Allentown. That was an odd system and it rained the entire day, even when the radar showed it was not raining. .
  9. Small thunderstorm just swung through the Lehigh Valley after a few peaks of sun. This has been a very interesting weather weekend! .
  10. We should get real close to 1/2” for the day by noon here SW of allentown, and this has been a pleasant surprise. The weekend has been a near-drought buster and a huge help to farmers. .
  11. I am very happy with the drought fail... grass has been going yellow all over the lehigh valley! Hopefully we are out of the dome of dry air that dominated in may. Nice steady rain last few hours with occasional heavy echos over us. .
  12. I think there is a possibility of real drought in the LV in this pattern. Today is looking bleak and Sunday does not look too promising. .
  13. 2” here in Allentown area and winding down outside and on radar. Nevertheless snow on snow is great but congrats to the jackpot winners to the south like the Chester County dude.
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