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  1. Can't believe how dry this air mass is. We're pretty much pushing the limit on what's possible around here.
  2. An extended period of weather like this in the northeast is probably almost as rare as those two week periods of cold, snow, and 20" snow depths.
  3. Interesting. Drinking the water underneath my backyard would be a death sentence.
  4. Wow. Cool article. I know the 60s were bad precip wise, but how much of an impact did it have on life around here? I've never really heard the family elders mention anything drastic, if at all about that drought.
  5. Yup. No way of knowing for sure due to the limited amount of recorded data, but this latest moist regime is probably one of the wettest stretch of years in the last 2-300 years. I think we're starting to turn the corner on that given the drier weather we've been having the last few years, though. That being said, it's still difficult to imagine any kind of scenario in which drought would have a significant impact on the way of life around here. At the very worst we still manage 30" of precip/year. This area of the globe just doesn't really favor sustained drought.
  6. Historic is a bit of a stretch, but we've definitely been flirting with a longer term trend towards drier conditions. We're at our lowest 3 year precipitation moving average since 2003. If the long term forecast becomes reality, you'll start seeing areas throughout the northeast approaching D1 conditions by the end of the month given the dry start to the year.
  7. This is one of the driest long range looks I've seen in a long time. There can always be one of those sneaky cutoffs to muck that scenario up this time of year, but this certainly could set the stage for a historic drought heading into the summer.
  8. Incredible shot! Was it as vivid to the naked eye?
  9. That chart is insane. We basically had a Myrtle Beach type climate in December...maybe even Jacksonville. Lol. Easily the most anomalous stretch of sustained warmth in recorded history.
  10. This pattern has been wreaking havoc on forecasts for months. Will be interesting to see how the next few months workout precip wise as it has been on the drier side for the past year or so. Certainly seems like we're in the middle of a long term dry regime relative to the 10 years before 2012.
  11. Quite the busted forecast from the NWS yesterday...the forecast had called for 50s and some showers. Ended up being a nearly bluebird day.
  12. This system isn't dynamic enough to funnel down that near record cold air we have aloft. Too bad we couldn't get something a bit more organized. This winter managed to produce another missed opportunity even in April despite favorable conditions for something potentially significant.
  13. Coyotes are pretty much everywhere. Aside from the obvious wooded towns in the metro area, I've seen them in heavily urbanized towns in Bergen County, too. For years there's been a pack of Coyotes living right in the area where I-80 and I-95 intersect.
  14. I've really become numb to this record warmth. Above average is the new average...anything around average feels downright unseasonably cold.
  15. May 1977 was pretty incredible. I believe the polar vortex was displaced all the way down to Philly at one point. Crazy stuff
  16. Yup. Primary responsibility will be covering frontal passages and drizzle threats.
  17. I thought that cutoff low that was meandering down in Mexico for a while would eventually get into a favorable position to draw moisture from the GOM into the Front Range, but it never quite materialized. That's when you start seeing those absurd Cascade Mtn type snowfall amounts in the eastern Rockies. Very rare setup, but I always thought this super nino might be capable of such a thing. Came close, but no dice. Still a few weeks to make something happen, I suppose.
  18. Really cool storm. Near record snows for some of the higher valleys throughout NV for this time of year? Not too familiar with their climo.
  19. Radar hardly looks juicy. Very showery look and moving quickly out of here. Sun will be peaking out of the clouds in a few hours. I'm not the one who made a thread for a weak band of showers.
  20. Very juicy. So juicy NYC will still be on pace for a top 10 driest March.
  21. yeah, because teenagers have never cursed in public before...
  22. That's almost always the case for decent winters around here--one storm usually makes or breaks a season. poor argument. Many forecasts actually called for a higher than normal chance for a "big one" and it ended up panning out pretty well. All the ingredients were there for a blockbuster second half, but it just didn't quite workout.
  23. Things should really come into focus after the MAM ingests data from the recon mission surveying the upper levels tonight. Takeoff was spotted out west a few hours ago:
  24. Not much to see here. Just another day for the MAM...Euro and GFS have been playing catch-up all along.
  25. Still a while before things unfold, but to have this kind of storm potential this late in the season is pretty damn impressive. Once in 20/25 years type stuff
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