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  1. I'd have to say this is one of the more intense backdoor fronts I've ever seen around here. Incredible temp drop and pretty impressive winds. 2018 has even managed to make usually boring backdoor fronts kinda interesting.
  2. The other impressive thing is that we achieved these departures without any real cold to work with in Canada. Given the intensity of the pattern we just witnessed the last few weeks, I think we got off kind of easy as far as temps go.
  3. I was very impressed by the amount of snow on the ground by Harriman State Park when I was up that way last week. Went there to take some pictures, but couldn't even move around the trails without being thigh deep in snow. Definitely the deepest winter I've seen in the area this late in the season.
  4. Most of the models are kind of past their usefulness for a system like this--at least until the ccb and banding sets up. But from everything we've seen so far, this storm is probably going to be one of those deals where places like Eastern Monmouth are getting blitzed while New Brunswick is 34 and rain/white rain. Given the state of the broader global pattern right now, I'd place my bets on something interesting happening over meh, though.
  5. 74 is the all-time Jan high for Newark (01/26/1950). No all-time monthly records feel safe anymore after what we've experienced today.
  6. Is it just me, or do these hot winter days feel so weird with the low sun angle--kinda dream-like? My car therm hit 85 while driving through Newark and that matches up with the airport high nicely given the heat from the road. Incredible day. Over/Under 10 years for first 80 degree Jan high for any NYC station??
  7. Seems like areas with the slightest elevation are really cashing in.
  8. That ice covering a good chunk of the Raritan Bay is very impressive. Pretty sure that didn't happen during Feb 15 or Jan 04.
  9. If we had another week of this cold we'd probably start seeing major disruptions to shipping in the NY harbor. Pretty good icing just started reaching NY Bay this morning.
  10. I have family that lives near the NJ coast and I always notice the same thing whenever I experience the bigger coastal storms down there. Little wind seems to reach the ground and the trees barely move, yet it sounds like a busy airport outside. Snow quality is usually in the 8-10:1 range regardless of temperature, too.
  11. Yeah, I'm expecting some pretty whacky totals on the final PNS for this storm. Someone might report 25" while just a few towns over report something like 12". lol
  12. Somebody is definitely going to crack 20" along the NJ coast...already plenty of reports greater than 10" and that was at 10 am.
  13. Those warm spikes tend to happen at TEB fairly often. I'm pretty sure the spikes are caused by jet exhaust since the sensor is unusually close to the runway/taxiways.
  14. Good stuff. Being on the southern edge of the huge seasonal snowfall gradient that exists in the lower half of the northeast, it usually takes a -NAO to get a solid winter around here, but +NAO winters aren't quite the same death sentences they are once you get to Philly and further south, either.
  15. Microcanes must be an awesome sight from a distance. I'm guessing if you were on a ship, you'd be able to see the rotation and towering cloud tops of the storm while basking in sunshine?
  16. Not to mention the huge strides being made in fusion technology. It really can't be stressed enough how important it is to keep these projects funded. Private investment will never be a substitute for government funding of the kind of technology that future generations will require.
  17. Didn't waste much time to get to the early stages of an ERC. Could be bad timing given how Haima still has 2 days before coming close to land.
  18. Haima is really shaping up to be something special. 180+ mph winds should be a lock.
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