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  1. Probably one of the coldest summer days I've ever experienced around here. 50 degrees during the daylight hours one week into June is pretty nuts. The cold shots this year have been beyond impressive.
  2. I feel bad for anybody who booked a vacation down that way for the weekend.
  3. I had no idea it's been that long. None of the events since then have been close, either. Closest we've come to an inch is .61!
  4. Didn't we talk about this a few weeks ago? The book doesn't get put away til June...
  5. Summer looks hot, but I guess that's subject to change. Betting on a cold remainder of the year will surely have you living in the streets by the end of the year!
  6. Had to have been graupel. Looks like you get to pencil in a T for May's snowfall column!
  7. Don't hold me to this, but it appears that the last time we broke at least two record lows in a calendar year was 1994! Based on Upton's record page for Central Park.
  8. Not a whole lot of cold this year, but when it shows up, it's been the record/near record variety. I think Central Park has set 2 record lows already this year...going for the third tonight. Can't remember the last time we had that many record lows in a given year. Edit: After taking a quick look we didn't break a daily record in April like I thought, but came close. Even so, I still can't remember the last time we set 2 record lows in a year.
  9. Might as well root for a top 10 coldest may at this point.
  10. The worst part is we've managed barely an inch over all these days. Hardly the amounts we need to get of this "pre-drought".
  11. People have quickly forgotten the 2 weeks of clear skies we just had. Probably was some of the best sustained weather I've ever experienced in this part of the country. Coming off an Omega block of that magnitude, this stretch of weather was virtually guaranteed to happen.
  12. Measuring snowfall is definitely more art than science. If you put a gun to my head, I'd say I prefer the max depth method for record keeping and the 6 hr rule for gauging the immediate impacts on society. The NWS is not really in the business of keeping records--it's in the business to save property and lives, so the 6 hr rule prevails.
  13. yeah, I'm not buying it. Must have been a drift. That NCDC page is really bad--any true scientist should be ashamed of making a list of records with such shoddy data. Entertainment only, I suppose.
  14. interesting. Rutherford is about 7 miles away. I'm guessing there was some kind of insane marine boundary parked somewhere over the Hudson? Those boundaries tend to happen in early December storms, so I'm not thinking it's impossible, but a 2ft gradient is off the charts.
  15. For some reason Central Park records show only 6" for that same storm. Given that Rutherford is less than 10 miles away, I'm thinking bs on that NJ record.
  16. I think you're right, actually. Seems kind of weak record given how prone NJ is to coastal storms, though. Not sure how great this data set is, but it has December 1915 as the 24 hr record @ 32" in Rutherford NJ. With a total like that for 24 hours, you'd think NJ's total storm record would be pushing 40". http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/extremes/scec/records
  17. You're the NJ wx history expert...are there any kind of maps out there for Dec 1947. A fairly in-depth search on google didn't yield anything for me. I seem to remember reading somewhere it still holds the state record for most snow from one storm. Can't find it, though. Surprisingly very little information for a historic storm that's in the post-war era.
  18. Yeah, I've seen different pictures over the years of that storm and can't say that I'm overly impressed compared to some of the other big dogs. That storm was kind of like 2006 in a way--pretty small area of big snows. I think NJ really got clobbered though if I'm not mistaken. I believe it actually owns the state record for storm total.
  19. I was in Monmouth County for the storm...same deal. The snow quality was generally very poor. 2006 is still king for me as far as snowfall rates go...I'll never forget those 3 hours of continuous thundersnow. Despite all the great storms we've had since then, nothing quite has approached that level of intensity. It was off the charts.
  20. What else is new? My bucket has barely collected anything since the inverted trough we had earlier in the month.
  21. haha. In all seriousness there have been some pretty cold looks on the models for May on runs here and there. Wouldn't rule out the possibility of some flakes out in the furthest reaches of NYC metro.
  22. this post should have waited until July 1st.
  23. wet grass tips and dry ground is probably worse than a total deluge.
  24. is this really a surprise? Tough to even buy an extra cloud these days.
  25. Single digit humidity around here is a pretty astounding feat. What exactly has been the atmospheric mechanism for this dryness? Given the amount of soil moisture we usually have in the northeast, you wouldn't think such low humidity was possible.
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