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  1. Looks like Killington is making snow on the upper third of superstar. lol Really pushing the limit on what's possible, but at least hey'll get off to a very good head-start for the WC this week.
  2. Yeah that extra week probably makes a big difference in that regard. As far as October as a whole, not so much though.
  3. That's nuts. Just further illustrates how bad last year was for you guys up there. This event wasn't even all that impressive by October standards, either.
  4. Didn't waste much time to get to the early stages of an ERC. Could be bad timing given how Haima still has 2 days before coming close to land.
  5. I'll give you one shot to guess where Nicole is...
  6. Even more strange is how slow it has been moving for a storm at that latitude. Right in the heart of key shipping lanes, too.
  7. Haima is really shaping up to be something special. 180+ mph winds should be a lock.
  8. I'm pretty impressed by how little debris there is flying around in the videos. Probably no where safer in the world during a hurricane than Bermuda.
  9. It's teetering a fine line being influenced by either feature, so you'd think any discrepancies at initialization would have a large impact on the long term track forecast.
  10. I wonder how responsible the strong convection to the east is for the all model inconsistencies we've been seeing...in both track forecast and intensity.
  11. Looks like we're experiencing ocean enhanced rain along the coast with water temps as warm as they are. Cool stuff.
  12. There's been more rain in the last few hours than there has been in nearly 2 months.
  13. Weather is pretty low on my list of considerations for choosing to live somewhere but: September and October- Stowe, VT November-March- Fernie, BC April-August- Santa Monica, CA
  14. Thanks. The heat the past few days under performed a bit, so I guess we don't have to worry about any records now. haha
  15. While the worst of the heat hasn't been nearly as intense as some of the more recent 100+ degree heatwaves, the longevity is starting to approach more rarefied territory. The Central Park record for consecutive 90+ days is most likely out of reach, but you'd think LGA or EWR might have a crack at it. Anyone know their records?
  16. Either that or it was extremely localized due to thunderstorm activity. At first glance it would appear today's oppressiveness up and down the coast has been more impressive.
  17. Looks very suspect to me. All the other stations in the area didn't come close that day.
  18. Meanwhile parts of Maine are in the lower 60s. Pretty rare to have such a big temperature gradient this time of year.
  19. Crazy. Looks like the sea breeze kicked in and brought a nice rush of juice from the bathwater off the coast with it.
  20. If something major finds its way to this corner of the Atlantic, we definitely won't be counting on SSTs to slow it down.
  21. Not too often you see this kind of juicy stuff right on our doorstep.
  22. Crazy to think that just a few months ago it was so dry you had to use chapstick.
  23. Feels like 115 on the streets that have been getting full sun all day. Not too many pleasant smells on the subway this afternoon...
  24. That's what I thought. Really bizarre. The roof must be made out of solid lead or something.
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