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  1. Considering the type of banding we had today I'd usually expect to see better. Just got its act together a little too late. Agreed
  2. There just wasn't a lot of moisture with this storm. Certainly didn't reach its potential.
  3. I was surprised to only measure 5.7 here in Red Bank, NJ Snow quality must have been worse than I thought.
  4. Ah ok. My grass has been fully covered for a while, so that thought hadn't even crossed my mind...
  5. Looks like one last good burst for the next hour or two and then this will be one for the books. Some pretty good 2"+/hour stuff though in this last band.
  6. You shovel your lawn too? Wow. That's pretty serious. I actually once had a neighbor that did that. Never questioned his madness, but I'm pretty sure he just liked to keep the snow in one big pile for the sake of preservation.
  7. They must be banking on Central Park measurements coming in way lower than surrounding areas...
  8. I'm just happy to see some kind of coastal storm develop. Once the pattern starts favoring the development of coastal lows, it's usually only a matter of time before one intensifies in a good spot and hooks up with cold air to produce some kind of snow close to the coast. I'm not saying to expect anything major or significant in the coming weeks, but compared to what we've been seeing the last few months, I'll take tomorrow's storm as a positive.
  9. It would be interesting to see how other parts of the mid latitudes in the northern hemisphere stack up on those dates too. Not good for ski resorts, but the perennial Christmas and January thaws go a long way in keeping our winters bearable by eliminating excessive ice buildup on key waterways and reducing the strain on our heating resources. Those "thawless" winters like 17-18 and 1875-76 wreaked complete havoc on northeastern society.
  10. Looking forward to seeing that deep arctic sky. Brings a whole different feel and look to the area.
  11. Long range forecasts aren't very tough these days. Look at the climo for the date--add 5 to 10 degrees to the highs and lows--and your forecast will probably be right 70% of the time.
  12. Hahaha. You'll never get back that seasonal balance of interesting wx you had in Chicago, but things get pretty fun when the nor'easter train gets rolling with successive storms.
  13. It has become pretty difficult to distinguish climatological differences between coastal Virginia and the NYC UHI up until the end of December. Without an exceptionally anomalous air mass, the city and airports can't get below freezing these days. 20+ miles away from the city is a totally different story, though.
  14. Yeah, we haven't even remotely approached freezing while the middle and outer suburbs had their first frosts and freezes weeks ago. My sorry tomato plant keeps producing, but the fruits produced in the winter never seem to be very edible.
  15. Yeah their totals have been a little whacky. They were always consistent in the past though...must be a new guy. lol
  16. PF definitely needs to get on the phone and straighten those guys out. Pitiful snow measuring practices. Jay Peak is another one...their season total doesn't include the October dumpings so it looks like they're 30"+ off from the neighboring resorts. The funny thing is that they'll probably end up beating everybody else by the end of the season anyway.
  17. I've pretty much resigned to the fact that you're always going to get bit by something in this city. If it's not a bedbug, flea, mosquito, or rat, some nut on the subway will gladly take their place!
  18. Same here out in Bushwick. The last few years the mosquitoes haven't gone away until January. Crazy.
  19. Not quite as brutal as crab fishing, coal mining, or logging, but it's definitely up there. They don't get paid much either from what I know--somewhere in the 10-13 range. You'd also think being exposed to that scummy pond water all the time must be somewhat of a health risk, too...
  20. You'd think handling leaky hoses and pipes in sub-freezing temps, high winds, and steep terrain would be a miserable job, yet any snowmaker I've come across seems to genuinely enjoy their work. Hats off to them.
  21. Man, those mountains are in sad shape...that shot looks like it could be from either May or early October. Red Cliff Pass currently reporting 1% humidity with comparable stations also in the single digits--must feel like being a fish out of water.
  22. The camera crew captured some pretty stunning shots of the mountain the last few days. Certainly not the most impressive course in terms of difficulty, but props to the Killington crew and mother nature for making the northeast appear capable of being a November ski destination. All that rime that had the opportunity to build up the last week gave the mountain a true mid-winter look.
  23. That's nuts. If one were to observe the snowmaking pond while they were blasting that much snow, the lowering water level might actually be visible! If it ends up being a good winter you'd think superstar might have a legit shot at staying open deep into June.
  24. I wonder how accurate this list is? http://www.snowjournal.com/discussion/37/some-killington-history I had no idea they had so many early October openings. With all the warm falls we've had the last 20 years an October 1st opening seems like the stuff of legend. haha
  25. Just saw that. Definitely has to be up there among the earliest openings. I want to say somewhere around 10/15 was the earliest?
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