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  1. Wish I could've gotten up to northern VT this week to do some riding--you'll be hard pressed to find better conditions for what could be years to come. March can be a good month too, but idk...that March sun takes a big chunk out of the wintry appeal for me--no matter how snowy it might be. It doesn't get any better than this in the northeast.
  2. I know most are disappointed with the way things turned out around here, but this was definitely an overperformer in my book...maybe NE NJ should've done a little better. Weenies and even some mets included put a little too much stock in those clown maps yesterday.
  3. Somewhat surprised Central Park was able to pile up to 9.4" at one point considering how warm the city ground was yesterday. Definitely not much left here in my section of BK...only about 4/5" and just starting to firm up. It would seem Monmouth County got skunked the worst out of this system based on the modeling yesterday--had a few hours of heavy rain and never really caught the best banding after the switch to snow.
  4. Maybe this has been mentioned before, but does the fast movement of these coastal "up-and-outers" help consolidate the mesoscale features into more intense banding? I know there are plenty of situations where slow movers have produced that good 3-4" type stuff, but it seems like these fast movers have the ability to force better lift for better SG or squeeze that little extra juice out of the atmosphere to get into that 5-6" territory. Ala Feb 2006 in NYC or Jan 11.
  5. Definitely not getting any kind of snow retention on the coast or anywhere near with this year's pattern. That's fine by me, though. Prolonged snowpack is not a very enjoyable experience here in the city.
  6. I agree with pazzo in the storm thread...I'm more than willing to ship our snow to the outer suburb guys after 6 hours. All the dog **** and McDonald's wrappers included!
  7. 20-30 ft trees either buried or made to look like christmas trees. Looks like there's another monster forecast to barrel into the WC next week! The madness continues.
  8. You'd think more structures out there would have an A-frame design. If there's anyplace that needs them in the world it's the Sierras.
  9. Not to mention the huge strides being made in fusion technology. It really can't be stressed enough how important it is to keep these projects funded. Private investment will never be a substitute for government funding of the kind of technology that future generations will require.
  10. I worded that wrong. Meant daily, not 24 hr. On second thought, I don't even think I'm going to bother entertaining the idea.
  11. So does the max depth method apply to records for 24 hour snowfall too? Say for instance it snows 10" on January 24th but compacts down to 5" later in the day due to rain, then on the 25th, an additional 10" falls. So the storm total is reported as 15", but the daily summaries will add up to 20" on the F6?
  12. Somebody posted an article about that one a few years ago or so. Would like to read that again--had to have been UncleW of DonS who posted it. From what I remember, there was like 4-5" of liquid and it alternated between crappy snow and sleet. Really crippled the city as you can imagine.
  13. I'm glad this deform band is falling as rain and not snow. Would have been a pain in the ass to shovel after shoveling the hypothetical 15-20 from the the first round.
  14. Yeah probably not, but a few places might get close. That stuff doesn't really melt much...the bigger issue will be if they can get enough precip. Given the look of the radar, 4-5 shouldn't be out of reach. Assuming they don't flip to something else of course
  15. The only other event that sticks out to me is Christmas 02...think we had about an inch or so of sleet from that one before it flipped to rain. But yeah, the St. Patrick's storm is in a league of its own. Nothing comes close. I'll never forget shoveling that one...a single scoop of the 7" of sleet was equivalent to lifting over 20" of snow. Might have as well been rocks.
  16. Haha. That's awesome. Long duration sleet storms are probably more rare than 18"+ snowstorms around here--takes a lot of different moving parts in the atmosphere to align for these events to happen.
  17. Pretty much equal to about 1.5"/hour if we were talking snow. That's pretty solid. Looks like you guys will give NYC's sleet totals from March 07 a good run for its money. Had 6"-7" of nearly pure sleet from that one. Never seen anything like it.
  18. For sure, but has to be kind of maddening for anybody that's stuck there right now. All that snow and nothing to do and nowhere to go. And how do you even ride 8'-10' of fresh snow?? Especially since the stuff they got hit with this past week wasn't their typical sierra cement. You definitely have to stick to the steep trails/bowls and maintain good speed or you're ****ed!
  19. Crazy. Honestly, as awesome as it has been following these systems, I don't think I'd actually want to be there right now. All the mountain towns are crippled and many of the resorts aren't running anywhere near 100%. Considering the amount of snow Jackson Hole has to-date, I think it'll be a pretty nice consolation prize.
  20. Going to get real cold in those elevated valleys, too. Below zero type stuff. I wonder what the national record for most snow in a month is--I'm guessing somewhere around 500" at one of the big mountains in Washington? This one site I came across says the monthly all-time record is 390" at Tamarack, CA in 1911. I guess that could be right, but those old records are always a little suspect.
  21. Winds appear to be mixing down to the surface with ease right now. That probably doesn't bode well for tomorrow.
  22. Simply ****ing absurd what's been going on out west. 6 feet the last few days with 3"+/hour type stuff falling right now on top of that:
  23. Looks like we might be looking at the biggest widespread sleet threat to impact the northeast since March 07. We had like 7" of sleet around here from that one...pretty rare stuff.
  24. Really tough to find a place out west that hasn't been doing well--the amount of moisture we've seen them get hit by is putting last year's super nino to shame. It's almost easy to forget that just a few months ago many resorts out there were off to one of their worst starts in years.
  25. Not quite as impressive as the stuff going on in California, but the amount of snow in the mid/lower elevations of Oregon has to be bordering on historic. http://www.mthood.info/cameras/mt-hood-webCam-snowbunny.html You'd figure that sign is at least a good 20-25 ft.
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