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  1. I would agree Flying MXZ. This month felt wintry...not too cold but decent snowpack all month.
  2. Here in northern Delaware County we have nickeled and dimed our way to a 12" snowpack, starting from one week ago.
  3. Between Delhi and Meredith in Delaware County. I'd say 27-28" I underestimated this one.
  4. That is HILARIOUS...and not just for the IMBY aspect. I live in MV as well, and nobody really calls it that.
  5. Yeah...I bet.  We moved from Andes on the hill, up btween 2000-2100', and no we are northeast of the Village on the way to Oneonta.  I already saw how the hilltops were white yesterday as we became bare.  

  6. About a half to 3/4 of inch in Delhi, 1550' with very light snow continuing...
  7. Park benches, light posts, some pavement icy in northern part of Central Park. No flakes at all...just a few pellets.
  8. I am in Andes, 11 miles SE of Delhi. My house is a little over 2000', the village is about 1500'. It is not unusual at all to have snow in Oct here, but today caught me off guard. 07 (maybe 08) we had about 17 inches the weekend before Halloween.
  9. !50 Miles Northwest of NYC, today, 10/22. Sleet and rain slowly transitioned to snow and sleet. All snow began around 11am; now that it's getting warmer it's "sticking" less, but still a surprise nonetheless. Down in the village, about 500 below, there was only rain for the better part of the morning
  10. Woke up to sleet with the very occasional flake around 7:30am The snow kept wanting to come down the hill, but here in the hollow, at 2/K ft, it would change back to rain and sleet. About 2 hours ago, 10:15 it began to snow and for the last hour it's been moderate with some coating on the grass, decks and barn. This is in central Delaware County. Funny BGM discussion only stated reports of mixing north of Oneonta--I am sure higher elevations around here have even more.