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  1. Cherry Hill should have a message that Radar is temporally available.
  2. This is a great radar. So happy it is working given the impending storms Good job Nws.
  3. This radar should work 24/7. If not...Nws should not have it as their official radar. When it works it is awesome! But it breaks all the time. Current break is really long. Lots of rain and storms right now.
  4. I am glad I started a funny thread. lol In the immortal words of Led Zeppelin....Has anyone seen the radar?...has anyone seen the radar? Where is that confounded radar?
  5. Radar still not working. From wherever. South Jersey...South Jersey NWS.
  6. If you go to the Cherry hill radar site...Its not working many times. Fort Dix whatever. I don't understand this. I do not blame you MGorse or the Cherry Hill office.. But when warnings are out for severe weather, it would be nice if it was not offline. When it is is great. Lots of info on total rainfall, storm intensity. I wish the NWS put more resources into this.
  7. In my opinion...the Mount Holly Radar should have a top priority. Resources should be spent on keeping the darn thing up. This should be ahead of community engagement. Ahead of sending a team to investigate whether wind damage was straight line or tornadic. They should build a second RADAR! This is not directed at the folks at Mount Holly. It's directed at the upper ups. July forth picnic pool time. Can't go to the nws for my radar...have to go to Accuweather.
  8. I am an old to hear all opinions. So hang in there. Stormtracker may seem tough...But he wants the snow! This incarnation of wright brothers( weather forum) is has it always has been....Don't piss on an upcoming storm. lol I am in Montco county Pa. I like the trends.
  9. Kudos to Mount Holly for explaining that they missed the bombing bringing more cold air in earlier than they thought for the first storm. The senior met there also said that there were probably areas that had blizzard conditions on the last storm. Inquirer article. In central lower montco...we did. They are confident about this storm and I am confident in them.
  10. Mount Holly sucked and KWY sucked on this storm. As temperatures were crashing...KWY was calling for increasing temperatures all morning. And Mount Holy was saying nothing. I guess there was little snow outside MY Holly. I am glad that my family made it home yesterday. North and West of Philadelphia...Close to Philadelphia...central Montgo... we had blizzard conditions for at least an hour and half. And yet we were in a Winter advisory warning.
  11. I am no expert...but it looks like the storm is kinda moving down the coast.
  12. Mount Holly has no significant changes from their 6 AM forecast, according to their website.