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  1. Not all departing highs are equal. Some go out northeast or ene, this is more nne. This is radiating down at 1028 mb, Vastly more helpful than a departing 1010
  2. Well that’s incorrect and sort of the voodoo pessimism that’s often on display. it tough to snow around DC but when the set up as depicted is very snow favorable then That Is The Time to go for it.
  3. This is actually one to be optimistic about as depicted. Solid albeit departing high with a replenishing high to the nw and modest low pressure to our south. Hour after hour of light to moderate snow, surface looks about 28F.
  4. With a 30.25 high over us and that low well underneath of us this would stay snow for a long time
  5. Anybody under the orange returns?
  6. Mechanically cold air keeps reloading in the Mongolia prime zone, traverses the poles and ends up in a good position to our north and equally important exits eastwardly. Often a really cold high will arrive, settle over us, move southeast and we warm up considerably on backside and it may stay put as a se ridge. That’s not happening this winter season.
  7. Still looks good to get those highs rolling in and rolling out to north and not se ridge. Been saying no big warm up and think that holds thru end of month.
  8. Our daughters babies came we are the grandparents of twins, girl and boy.
  9. I do not feel adrift and desperately need the 15 different models and indexes to tell me what the weather will be
  10. 8 years of observations is not confirming “data” everyday a new index is thrown out. I think I will just take a 250X250 square mile northeast of Bermuda and scribble out some brand new index correlation to winter weather in the mid Atlantic. Some of it is science with a proven background but mostly not.
  11. This is mostly bogus and no determination or patten can be determined from 2010 forward
  12. High pressures are being undervalued by models..This is the winter of well situated highs so add about 5-8mb to the crunch time assessments of 48-72 hours in advance.
  13. There will not be a disfavorable oscillation for December. Whether it’s nw-n-ne of us the highs will be there and slide east and not se to form a se ridge. As these highs depart they will be replenished by the next one.
  14. High pressure will consistently perform well this winter. That means sometime suppressive but sometimes good. We will have very few 33-35 and rain because of high being too weak.
  15. Moderate rain mostly last two hours , 0.65 total
  16. Some abnormalities are and have been occurring which make the typical prediction devices not work so well. where is best place to look at 500 mb maps and predictions?
  17. Greenland high pressure then Mongolian high slips down to Greenland and cold. I don’t think many cutters with that.
  18. Fighter jets in the air and this????
  19. We’ve got solid to extreme high pressure from Alaska to Mongolia and it’s not breaking down