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  1. 0.75” here. no précip at current time. 35F
  2. 2am obs Moderate snow, grass dusted and table topped, 35.7F
  3. Baro rising stoutly as cold air pushes in. Area wide 2-3 degree drop in last hour with still falling dewpoints. General 40/25 right now so looks like 30F when precipitation gets going, I think a surprise is coming
  4. Last time we had cold air headed out and this time the cold air really did not start asserting until late afternoon. Pretty dramatic 10* drop since 4pm
  5. Models don’t get the oddities that have happened since middle of November when they began showing warm ups right around the corner. The open waters in Alaska area and the stout highs from Mongolia have perplexed the formulations. So, as I have been stating since mid November and in September long range outlook, December will be colder than average. My only concern is that since it started a bit earlier it may end earlier.
  6. Gusts over 30. Hard been a slow -.1 per 3-5 minutes for an hour but real drop underway
  7. It’s good you were told considering a lack of ability to figure out on your own.
  8. 202-589-1212 Initial announcement is advertising then obs then the forecast then an option closing. We are with a new company for couple of years now and doing this in a number of locations for small radio and phone and private contracting entities.
  9. Worst thing possible is about 0.5” on a cold road because tires smash it down, moisture extracted and instantly ice. Get over an inch and then you have enough volume to keep it crunchy and not sheer ice.
  10. It is good to have advanced notice of that which may panic thee. can we also maybe go back to good ole days where we don’t drive with brights on and don’t stop and let people out in the travel lanes?
  11. I think the 30% is for roadway accumulation including main roads and Beltway. Models have shown their wide variety of outcomes, never honing in on one, so now it’s pretty much radar, 850s, water vapor and surface temp and dp.
  12. Gonna to get a lot of temp drop with that cold low dew point arctic air charging into the rain.
  13. Arctic air masses, even departing ones, are a different critter when precipitated into into. The more usual 33-50% convergence of dew point and temp is almost always more like 50-67% with the arctic air.
  14. Was up just north of Thurmont for a wedding on Mt St Mary’s campus and was surprised how cold it was. Whats the elevation? Left there about 7pm and it was 28 and when got to Laurel it was 36. Quite a difference.
  15. I’ve tried to emphasize since Sept that Dec will be cold and a persistsent occurrence and refreshment of well placed high pressure would occur. The highs are departing nicely as to not set up a se ridge and this was predicted also. I’m far less confident than most seem to be about what Causes weather patterns but we do have the ability to assess that”when this happens....what follows is that” High pressures keep showing up and then replenishing. Shoot some low pressures up our way and potential exists. No cold, no snow. High pressure set ups are the key, the moisture will almost always be present.