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  1. Couple years ago Christmas Eve it was 70 at midnight not too far away now at 66.
  2. That looks like -20 to possibly -30 850’s for ski resorts if MD/PA?
  3. I think it was more like 12/13 but still bitter cold
  4. Most memorable from 94 was the day it was 11 at 11am and 1 at 5pm, overnight low record tying (for me) -6.
  5. Still have 0.5 in shaded spots. Bare in son. Really wonderful down in the park 4:30 yesterday
  6. I think for DC the very coldest run is 1/6-1/15
  7. 31.5 and icy on roads and walks. Otherwise nice snow on spruces with moon outb
  8. Finally burst got me to 1.5 Pleasure doing obs with ya!
  9. Heavy snow, over 1 ph rate, looks like 30 minutes more
  10. 5pm obs it lulled for a while and got a little icy but back to steady snow and 32.8
  11. 4pm obs steady light to moderate snow, 33F
  12. Heavy snow, 1”ph rate, 34.8F, 0.75” on board and road half white
  13. Canceled at 1pm and heavy snow by 3 is no way to go through life son
  14. 3pm obs 35.2, steady light to moderate snow, 0.5” on grass, nothing on roads
  15. BC mentioned at 36.5/37 it mixes snd by 35 it’s mostly snow at a good rate
  16. Down further ton 35 and all nice sized flakes, no rain at all, and starting to accumulate on non sun exposed ground. Moderate rate
  17. It’s mostly nickel sized floaters now, way less icy
  18. Last 15 mins is an evolution to all frozen at 2:15 and temp down 5 degrees in last 75 minutes. Frozen is icy but some nickles starting to show up. i do s melt count on the board in these circumstances and went from instant melt at 1:45 to 12 seconds at 2:15 Down to 36.5
  19. Getting more floaters now so even though still struggling and oscillating it’s becoming more snow
  20. Rocking back and forth from mostly rain to 50/50
  21. Just watching it change minute after minute, 50/50 now and snow still mostly wet but about 5% floating fatters
  22. Solid temp drop if 1 degree in 7 minutes, wet snow mixing and would say 85/15 rain, temp 39.9