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  1. goduke

    December 8-10 Winter Storm Obs

    cant sleep with this crap bouncing off the windows
  2. goduke

    Post a recent picture of yourself

    Looks like I'm moving to New Zealand.
  3. goduke

    Storm Banter & Complaint Thread, Jan 22-23

    The grocery stores are insane!
  4. goduke

    3/18-3/19 Icy Event

    Pls winter! For the love of God! GO AWAY!
  5. goduke

    February 11-13 Winter storm totals!

    New London NC. NE part of Stanly county. 5.5" snow, .2" of sleet, then another 2" of snow on top. It all measured out to about 6" due to the sleet beating it down. Not sure if I measured that sleet right.
  6. goduke

    January Banter

    Oh boy is that another cut off I see over so. Cal?
  7. goduke

    January Banter

    Boy I really like that snow hole stretching from Columbia to clt to rdu...
  8. goduke

    January Banter

    Im 45 minutes NE of you bro. Nothing to report here either.
  9. goduke

    January Banter

    Am I seeing dry slot in the radar?
  10. goduke

    1/28 - 1/30 Storm Thread II

    Good Lord! I got heart flutter when I seen that 18z GFS.
  11. goduke

    January Banter

    Damn... Ive wasted about an entire Saturday looking at these damn models with nothing to come of it. Its times like this I wish I was more like a normal person that doesn't give a #@%& about the weather.
  12. Its winter in the south east, you should already be at the bottom of the cliff by the beginning of December.
  13. Im shocked at the GFS. I would have thought that thing would be 0.300 or something. lol
  14. Might have to visit the family in South Port NC.