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  1. Think we ended up with close to 2" here.
  2. From WPC: As precipitation falls, it will first occur into a column cold enough for snow throughout, and a burst of heavy WAA snow is likely from WV and points northeast into PA. This WAA thump of snow will be accompanied by a brief but intense period of 750-600mb frontogenesis which is collocated with the saturated DGZ in an environment with negative theta-e lapse rates. This suggests intense snowfall rates which may exceed 1"/hr at times during the morning across the Mid-Atlantic. The duration of intense snow in the region will be limited as the warm nose will lift northward turning precipitation from snow to sleet/freezing rain and eventually rain by the evening. The guidance may be too quick to warm the column due to reinforcement of the wedge by falling precipitation, but eventually precipitation will changeover, leading to a prolonged period of freezing rain across the terrain of WV/VA and into PA. The heaviest snowfall in the Mid-Atlantic is likely from the Panhandle of WV across MD and into Southern PA, where WPC probabilities are high for 4 inches. The heaviest freezing rain is likely in the terrain mentioned above, where a risk exists for 0.5" of accretion even after the snowfall. Source: https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/discussions/hpcdiscussions.php?disc=qpfhsd
  3. I have low expectations for here tomorrow.
  4. OHZ058-059-068-069-PAZ031-075-WVZ003-004-012-021-509-010300- /O.CAN.KPBZ.WC.Y.0003.000000T0000Z-190131T2200Z/ /O.NEW.KPBZ.WW.Y.0011.190201T0400Z-190201T2200Z/ Guernsey-Belmont-Noble-Monroe-Greene-Fayette-Ohio-Marshall-Wetzel- Marion-Monongalia- Including the cities of Cambridge, Martins Ferry, St. Clairsville, Caldwell, Woodsfield, Waynesburg, Uniontown, Wheeling, Moundsville, New Martinsville, Fairmont, and Morgantown 245 PM EST Thu Jan 31 2019 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 11 PM THIS EVENING TO 5 PM EST FRIDAY... ...WIND CHILL ADVISORY IS CANCELLED... * WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 2 to 4 inches expected. Heaviest amounts after midnight through early morning. * WHERE...Portions of southwest Pennsylvania, east central Ohio and northern and northern panhandle of West Virginia. * WHEN...From 11 PM this evening to 5 PM EST Friday. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning commute.
  5. Advisory level snow on Tuesday?
  6. I posted about Tuesday and it's trended north ever since. lol.
  7. 18z GFS in line with the 12z FV3. Too bad we're a week out. It doesn't take much to get me sucked in, though.