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  1. 2 hours ago, IrishRob17 said:

    I don’t believe there are any but @BxEngine would know for sure. Even if there is one who knows how it compares to where you are. KMGJ is two or so miles away as the crow flies and the differences between there and here are interesting, no snow measurements there though, just looking at temps and rainfall. Legoland is seven miles away and the differences can be eye opening. 

    As far as i know we have nothing in rockland. Can go through the pns reports and add them up LOL. There is something in the works, we have a bunch of new weather stations on firehouses and sanitation garages throughout rockland and some will be monitored in real time so we’ll see.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Boston Bulldog said:

    Coming down at a decent clip here in the UES, streets slushy, avenues wet. I am a bit concerned about Manhattan getting stuck in between the deformation band over NNJ and the WCB goods pushing into Long Island. Mesoscale analysis does have me optimistic that subsidence shouldn't be too much of a problem however, as it really isn't consolidated over a pivoting band to our northwest.


    Right on cue some bands are infilling just over the Hudson in Jersey, so at this hour there doesn't appear to be a deformation mega band to the west that will have the city dealing with bright clouds and exhaust. There will be consolidation at some point with these bands as the fronto gets cranking, still question of where this will happen who will get the pivot point.


    Im still at heavy snow in rockland, radar returns would have led me to believe i was going to deal with that sinking air between the bands. radar definitely not doing justice to the ground truth right now.

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