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  1. As a Jets fan, this one feels more like the Jets. 1 - The low placement is the equivalent of the 2015-16 season. "Teams that go 10-6 make the playoffs" = "a low off the outer banks is textbook for major snow in central NC" 2 - Like Jets fans, our snow lovers are generally negative and bitter by experience 3 - We expected nothing of this snow season (football season), saw it flurry for about 15 seconds twice and have to listen to "it's so much better than you expected though!" all season long 4 - Most importantly - laughably pathetic But...much like with the Jets fans with their team next fall we'll all line up for our punishment again next season
  2. Y'all are some good folks. Echo the sentiments of many others that the knowledge sharing and detailed analysis has been great not only this storm but as long as Ive been lurking here - which is just about every day, I just dont post. Sending positive thoughts to our brothers and sisters in Florida and Georgia and shetley as well!
  3. With the angle this is going to approach both Florida and the GA/SC/NC coastline it doesn't take much to drastically change where she comes on shore. With the likely size and strength at both potential landfalls, though, impacts will be high regardless. Once Irma makes the turn north even wobbles will make a significant difference in landfall location - that's going to be extremely difficult to pin down, so as has been noted a few times no need to get to bogged down with exact locations. Overall guidance seems to imply that it's going to be dicey at best for South and East Florida, then anywhere from Savannah to ILM under the gun but even that can change. Interesting few days ahead.
  4. To clarify, I don't mean for the same area -- just that amount of QPF as ice. That was a Central NC/SC icestorm IIRC.
  5. Crippling ice storm. Similar look to what the GFS/Euro were showing 4-5 days out for the mega ice storm from last Feb (?) which wasn't nearly as bad. Did get a healthy dose of sleet and zr, though...followed by that burst of snow a day or so later.
  6. Unbelievable cutoff at the eastern edge of Wake Co. A foot to an inch (of snow -- more ice would be in the east as you mention) in roughly 25 miles.
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