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  1. I believe this is earthlight and crew. https://www.nymetroweather.com/2015/11/02/winter-forecast-2015-2016/
  2. Larry Cosgrove released his winter outlook for those who subscribe to his WEATHERAmerica weekly newsletter.
  3. Not that I completely agree with this since it still seems like they are basing this on "typical" el nino conditions without taking other factors into account. http://www.mycentraljersey.com/story/weather/stormwatch/2015/10/07/new-jersey-winter-weather-forecast/73509590/
  4. I know what you meant, I was just quoting your response as part of the conversation.
  5. Well you certainly have to respect him for standing his ground. I do think he rides the Euro a little to much but on the big picture it is still a superior model in my opinion but it has also been wrong before like any other model is prone to be.
  6. What are you guys thinking in terms of storminess?? I have seen alot of talk that El Nino usually brings but not in all cases a very active fall and winter in terms of storms, whether we see alot of snow or not is another story. I know nor'easters are more prevalent during El Nino falls and winters, any thoughts?
  7. Steve D not impressed overall with snow/ice amounts closer to the city at least, further north and west does a bit better. https://nynjpaweather.com/public/2015/02/20/impact-map-for-february-21-22-2015/
  8. @MascoFromABC2: Ridiculous cold setting up the next 6-10 days. Starting Friday it will HURT! Snow chances: Thu & Sun. http://twitter.com/MascoFromABC2/status/564845038803644416/photo/1
  9. DT's 1st Call Map, also said the cold pattern breaks down for a while after February 5th.
  10. The impact map is the same, there is no difference, he issues the same map for both.
  11. Steve D's Impact Map for 2/1-2/15 https://nynjpaweather.com/public/2015/01/31/impact-map-for-february-2-2015-updated/
  12. Good blog discussion by DT on what is going on with the winter pattern so far and where we might be going. http://www.wxrisk.com/the-return-of-the-firehose/
  13. Good blog discussion by DT on what is going on with the winter pattern so far and where we might be going. http://www.wxrisk.com/the-return-of-the-firehose/
  14. You can sign up to receive Larry Cosgrove's newsletter at his Weather America Google Group at the following link. https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en-US#!forum/weatheramerica
  15. DT will be releasing his preliminary winter forecast to the public on Sunday October 19th for those who are interested.
  16. Steve D's thoughts at this juncture. http://www.nynjpaweather.com/2014/03/19/storm-potential-for-next-week-not-so-fast/
  17. Can you actually update a last call?? a last call is a last call whether you are right or wrong. I did notice he moved his 4-8" area further north but doesn't seem by much. This was why I felt a couple of the mets posted their last/final call maps a bit to early.
  18. Not sure I agree with this after seeing the 12z Euro but he may be right.
  19. While I do like Steve D, I think it would have been more prudent to wait until tomorrow to issue his final forecast, he issued his preliminary snowfall forecast early yesterday afternoon. Figured he would have waited a bit longer then 11-12 hours between updates especially since he only likes to issue a preliminary and a final map.
  20. If it was me, I would have waited until this evening before putting out a snowfall accumulation map especially since the models seem to be trending further north. But both DT and Steve D. will be able to adjust their accumulation maps in subsequent updates if needed.
  21. I agree, and the mud slinging and bickering can get out of control at times. I spend quite a bit of time lurking on these forums and post more (but still limited) when there is a potential storm on the horizon or in the obs threads during storms, I leave the more scientific weather discussion to the people who understand it best. I have been around here for a while and also go back to the old Wright Weather Board days, for me, this is a great place to get weather information and has benefited me especially being involved in the public safety field both as a volunteer and full time employee.
  22. I am actually with a local O.E.M. agency and serve as the Chief Deputy Coordinator, I am also a fulltime fire/ems dispatcher. Been in public safety going on 20 years now i.e. firefighter, EMT, etc. Out of all of that I love being involved with Emergency Management the most since it involves a little bit of everything public safety wise.

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