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  1. 1 hour ago, StormChaser4Life said:

    *insert eye roll and intense death glare* mad jelly. Hoping for a few more east shifts but not holding my breath. Ha 

    Going with the cut off looks like ILX has you nearer the 4" mark than 1", on the higher end of the spectrum.


    Normally I'd be rooting for the GFS, but have to hope for the Euro so I can get back to work Tuesday with running water.




  2. 57 minutes ago, StormChaser4Life said:

    *insert eye roll and intense death glare* mad jelly. Hoping for a few more east shifts but not holding my breath. Ha 

    :lol: Plumbers are coming Monday to put in a new water line. I'm hoping this snow will be somewhat fluffy so I can use a leaf blower to uncover all the locator markings they plotted today and tomorrow.


    My luck sucks :lol:

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  3. 54 minutes ago, Chambana said:

    0.1” snowfall total on the season will do this to you. 

    .2" here and think that was kind of a stretch, plus a trace in December. If we don't get anything by Valentines day I'll be ready to move onto Spring, which is when I'll get denied that wish and tormented with snows that last 3 days. I would take another Palm Sunday snow like the one several years ago. 17.5" and gone by Good Friday.

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  4. 15 minutes ago, StormChaser4Life said:

    Yea I thought we would see some nice dry fluffy stuff tonight as the system pulled away but that ended up way north. Feel sorry for you guys down south. Been a snow less winter for you so far. 

    I'd rather have none than nickels for 4 months to reach a dollar. 


    Mother Nature usually has a way of equallizing things, took until December for the severe to somewhat break even for the year. I just don't want winter in April and May :lol:


    Give me a couple half dollars or a silver dollar and in the end I'll be happy.

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  5. 34 minutes ago, StormChaser4Life said:

    Big plot twist. Dry air was overmodeled on north side but undermodeled on south side. No models really showed snow ending here till after 06z. Had few periods this afternoon of drying but filled back in but now seems last band is pulling out. 

    ILX posted this on FB a couple hours ago. Actually hoping they're wrong, would rather break the latest measurable snowfall record than a dusting.


    Some banding regenersting but nothing really holding up, can't imagine it's going to fill in that greatly over the next 2 1/2 hours.



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  6. ILX likes the NW track. 



    Surface cyclogenesis will
    develop in SE Colorado Friday, with the low tracking to western
    Missouri by 6 am on New Years Day/Saturday. A warm front ahead of
    the low will advance into a cold Canadian high pressure in place
    across the northern Midwest. The 12z model suite has kept the
    general trend of ECMWF with the northerly track of the low and the
    GFS the southerly track. GFS ensemble output is targeting central
    IL (roughly the I-72 corridor) for some of the heavier snows from
    that system. The ECMWF continues to target northern IL for heavier
    snows, roughly north of Galesburg to south Chicago. The blended
    extended guidance in our system is leaning toward the northerly
    track, and keeping snow amounts down and mainly northwest of
    Peoria. While freezing rain signals are present in the transition
    zone soundings, it does not appear to be a good setup for an ice
    storm in any of our counties, with a lack of persistent sub-
    freezing dewpoint air feeding in from the northeast.
    Still, there is potential of high impact to travel New Years Day,
    so anyone with travel plans toward northern Illinois will need to
    keep a close eye on updates to this winter storm system.
    After the surface low passes on Saturday, much colder air will
    arrive on gusty NW winds. Wind chills will likely drop into the
    zero to -15F range by Sunday morning, which will be a rude
    awakening after a warm December
  7. A lot of pictures I have seen remind me of some of those from Greensburg, KS but haven't heard it mentioned in comparisons. Greensburg was a smaller and more compact town, but not so different than some of these denser populations of bigger towns/cities.


    I'm not an expert or even educated in the field, so not ssying such is so.

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