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  1. Huge flakes here in southern Caldwell county.
  2. Radar returns are absolutely falling apart across western NC........
  3. Who says you have to bring wine to a party? I don't even drink wine. I drink Pepsi!
  4. I prefer the term stocky. I can always sense when someone is uncomfortable at a party though.
  5. Not quite there yet in appearance. More of a personality thing at the moment. She kicked my ass. She had the advantage of being completely sober at the time, otherwise, okay I still would have lost........
  6. Yes my eyes do appear to be closed. She is rather cute sometimes. Here is another from the same trip.
  7. Me and my niece at the outer banks over the summer.
  8. This may be a little nit-picky, but instead of calling it the 850mb line, I would call it the 850mb zero degree isotherm/line. For someone that is truly new to weather map reading that may make a bit more sense since there is more than one isotherm on an 850mb temperature map.