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  1. 3 minutes ago, WxKnurd said:

    I think it was the ‘14 storm, @BullCityWx was reporting huge flakes just piling up down in Ft Mill and there I was sitting a couple degrees colder yet all I have was a mighty blizzard of pea sized at best flakes.  Same storm, same precip shield, just was stuck with what had to be lackluster moisture transport in the dendrite growth zone.  Then it switched to sleet and we had 4” on concrete and a local minima I think. The Belmont/Mt Holly/Western Meck below Mountain Island earned that surprise overperformer the other week! 

    I’m trying to place that storm…late January? Between the super cold snow and the big dog? If not, could it have been early 15?

  2. 1 minute ago, eyewall said:


    The signal continues. We will see if we reel it in this week. The timing seems a bit faster lately.  The first key piece of energy comes out of western Canada early this week around Tuesday or so. That piece will drop into the southwest than move east.  The second piece drops south later in the week through the great lakes. It will be interesting to see when they start being sampled in the real world this week.

    Ensembles seem more encouraged this run

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