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  1. I wish the Canadian could be right. Lol. Looks like 1-2in here. In the words of Ariana Grande "thank you next"
  2. Curious if we will see any last second shifts with sampling finally occurring tonight and tomorrow
  3. Seemed like the snow swath was further south. But maybe just a narrower band and sharper north cutoff. Starting to feel it will be lucky if this snow even makes it to I74. Sometimes these frontogenic bands can really be thread the needle. Deformation band looks to clip here possibly
  4. Wouldn't that lead to a further north scenario typically? Seems like it ended up more south. But it also has that high pressure really nudging south
  5. 12z nam coming in south. Pretty much stopping snow band at I72. At least for the WAA snow
  6. Yea 18z nam looks good for a good portion of this forum. Nice WAA band. Curious to see if 18z gfs nudges north. 3km nam and 12km nam both looked nice
  7. He's saying it is underdoing the cold sector precip. Based on how it evolved it should be throwing more qpf into the cold side
  8. Gfs more north compared to last night's run but definitely further south than it's been the last several days. Nam a bit further north than gfs
  9. Comical. Gfs trended toward how euro had been and now euro trended a step toward how gfs had been
  10. I'm sure the 1st of many model shifts we will see. I think gfs is probably too north and bullish and euro is too south and stingy. Not surprising to see gfs cave somewhat. Still not as bad as euro but definitely a step in the wrong direction
  11. ILX seems to be concerned of drier air mixing out ice nuclei causing a possible drizzle situation over snow. But I'm not really seeing this in models
  12. UPDATE... Issued at 811 PM CDT Wed Oct 30 2019 No major changes to going forecast for the overnight hours, though some concerns persist. Showers have developed west of the Illinois River Valley this evening and will continue to spread east. Precip has already transitioned over to snow from Galesburg through Macomb and should see areas west of the Illinois River Valley transition over by around midnight. Trends will have to be monitored overnight with respect to the depth of the saturated layer. Main concern is that several models indicate a narrow mid level dry slot will punch across the Illinois River Valley overnight, resulting in loss of ice nuclei at times, particularly between 06-12Z tonight. This would transition precip back to liquid drizzle and cut down on snow amounts. As is typical with mixed precip scenarios, it`s the difference of only a degree or two which doesn`t lend much in the way of confidence to make large scale changes to the forecast at this time. Regardless of how precip pans out overnight, still appears the best snow production will occur from the predawn hours through the morning Thursday.
  13. Couldn't have said it better myself. Definitely was modeled terribly. Our local met posted this
  14. Rain snow line was more north than I anticipated. Good ol' 33-34 cold rain here with some sleet mixed in. Hoping I fair better with the main event. I'm honestly surprised temps didnt drop quicker with dews in upper 20s. Thought evaporative cooling would do the trick but I was wrong