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  1. CC showing signs of mixing to your south but seems to not be advancing north for now. Could be because they bands are convective almost in nature. Even if sleet mixes in, the rates will likely compensate
  2. Keep us posted! That band is unbelievable! Reminded me of that one years ago that pounded Binghamton except not stationary but this keeps backbuilding south. Surprised TWC didn't have someone in this area for coverage. Models were always looking good for this area. Think there's any lake enhancement with this band or think it's pure synoptic?
  3. Well I got more than I anticipated. 2.4" report close to me. But man I'm ready for a big dog.
  4. Seeing best snow now I seen the whole event. Getting some periods of banding and occasional bursts of moderate snow. Temperatures dropping finally with strong ne winds allowing snow to dry out and blow around.
  5. This has to be the lamest snow "event" I experienced in a long time. Pixie dust. Wet a** pixie dust. Not sticking. Temps right at 32. Snow has barely made it east of me and you can tell it's fighting dry ne flow. I will be shocked if we get a inch. Make winter storms great again. This sucks. Lol
  6. ILX extended wwa east last night to account for higher snow amounts being shown and now 12z runs looks like crap. I will be lucky to crack an inch probably.
  7. I feel this. Tough seeing these close misses. Hopefully we luck out next month.
  8. Man that sucks. Well I hope a dry bubble forms around you I know this isn't my storm. After it shifted west days ago I knew it wasn't coming back. But still hoping maybe I can get a nice band to park over me and luck out. But not holding my breath. Think 1-2in is more likely and think there is a ceiling albeit low for 3-5in if everything worked our perfectly but not expecting that. Models tend to underestimate dry ne flow so wouldn't be shocked if I get nothing.
  9. *insert eye roll and intense death glare* mad jelly. Hoping for a few more east shifts but not holding my breath. Ha
  10. Nice eastern shift of snow axis on 18z nam. Brings eastern fringe of snow shield a lot more east than before
  11. Must be nice. Lol. You're going to score solid on both winter storms so far this year. I'm forever riding on the edge here.
  12. Same here man. We are both living on the edge right now
  13. Can't get over how far ne rap/hrrr are with low and wintry precip. Almost bring rain into my area. Definitely overdone but makes me wonder if hi res will catch on to a possible slightly more easterly shift and possibly north shift. System comes on shore late tonight. Should have full sampling tomorrow so hopefully will help with model data.
  14. Yeah I'm sure it is. They are definitely too east. But I also think globals may be underestimating eastward extent of snow band. We shall see
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