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  1. Beta looks like a pile of crap on satellite. Shear and dry air are taking its toll. Wonder if Beta can pull a 2020 and shock us all. My bets are no on this one
  2. Here is the new full forecast discussion for special advisory
  3. Maybe the radar or motion of the band is deceiving me but that northern eyewall seems to be nudging north into Gulf Shores quicker than it was before
  4. Where you seeing his stream? Can't find it
  5. The southern eyewall is pretty meh on radar but man that northern eyewall is formidable looking
  6. Best I seen the eye pop so far on IR
  7. NHC forecasting 90mph landfall. Sally not looking as impressive but it seems to be fluctuating a lot. Probably with increasing shear and influences of upwelling
  8. Thank you. Appreciate that! Not surprising. Radar returns weaker in that area. Could prevent this from really taking off. Either maintain where it is or strengthen only a little. But Sally hasn't been doing anything conventionally
  9. Okay I get super confused on extrapolated pressure. Is that what their estimating at the sfc based on the dropsonde? I saw someone said 969.7 extrap
  10. It's definitely looking better on IR and radar. Sally still trying to amp up before it landfalls around Halloween
  11. Lol Sally keeps on trolling. Rapidly intensified randomly with a pretty high pressure given 100mph winds. Then the winds dropped but pressure remained steady. Now the pressure is dropping but most of that resulted in a larger wind field instead of a storm with much higher windspeeds. 972mb is pretty low for only 85mph. What an odd hurricane
  12. I sure would think we would see a bump up in winds coming at next advisory. Regardless Sally is looking good on IR and an eye really trying to pop even more now
  13. Curious why the winds aren't responding to pretty decent pressure drops