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  1. Looks like today found the one of the failure modes. Lol. Seemed like initial storms were too close to the front. Storm motions were kind of nw which took them across frontal zone. Seemed like storms struggled to acquire tight rotation today. Saw plenty of broad rotations on radar
  2. Won't storms be low topped though? Upper levels really won't even get tapped into much
  3. Wind fields impressive with this. Curious how much phasing we will get between the remnants and incoming trough. Seems the trend has been for less phasing. Regardless still looks like solid wind advisory to possibly high wind warning criteria. Won't take much instability at all for a robust tornado threat with low topped supercells. Hope this times during peak heating Tues to maximize severe potential
  4. Definitely one of those high bust potential but high reward setups. I think there will be dryline supercells but how tornadic I'm not sure. I'm not a fan of the relatively small hodograph size albeit nice curvature. Definitely concerned storms won't be vented enough aloft and that low level shear, speed wise, may not be enough for a robust tornado threat. Obviously if I lived closer I would chase any of these days this week but the target being 8-10+ hrs away I'm not sure it will be worth it for me. May hold off for better setups, hopefully, in the next few weeks. I have a break from classes from the 19th-31st so hope I can chase something meaningful
  5. Definitely far from a perfect setup but multiple chase days in classic tornado alley should have everyone excited! I have my eye on Wed for sure!
  6. This thread sure is dead. Lol. I do like the upcoming potential this week. Good moisture and instability though nam is keeping it more into OK and less into KS. A lot of this week, minus a shortwave on Wed, will be mostly mesoscale related details. I'm not a fan of the overall weak wind fields but the chance of discrete development on a sharp dryline is pretty good esp on Wed with a better defined wave
  7. Any final report on Soso/Bassfield tornado yet?
  8. Seems like after the middle of next week most models push the ridge to the Midwest and it is still pretty stout. I do like the big trough digging into the west and the ridge to the east causes very slow movement of that trough and likely multiple days of severe potential. What I don't like and something that could change is how the upper level winds really back as they get squashed against the ridge. Would prefer to see the ridge a little more east and a bit less amplified
  9. Issue is all these storms lighting up now are all right on the front. If you want tornadoes today they need to form further from the front or they will be undercut
  10. Storms already warned. Impressive. Odd because I'm seeing no lightning show on radarscope for those storms
  11. I definitely agree with Quincy. Low level lapse rates are pretty bad and clouds still lingering over a good portion of the highest risk area. Storms attempting to go up by Bartlesville but they are right on the front. Need some to form ahead of it and interact with an ofb.
  12. Is that the CF surging south in KS or an OFB? It is past Wichita now nearing OK border
  13. Couldn't agree more. Good for their sake. But wind profiles are awful. So much veering at sfc. Bad weakness aloft. Storm mode absolute slop fest and definitely outflow dominant
  14. Man these VWP's I'm seeing are ugly and not in good way for tornadoes. Very unidirectional. Horribly veered sfc flow