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  1. Definitely seems to be the trend. Models look great then it fizzles out and appears a week later. The eastern troughing is a killer this season and now this cf wiping out moisture. Tomorrow would probably be a good tornado day otherwise. At least getting into mid to late May we are more likely to have better moisture. Pattern seems to really try to break down after mid May. Hoping it can pull a 2013 and get real active in a hurry last few weeks of May or at least a week. I have a break from school May 14-June 1 so would love to get a chase or two in before I go back.
  2. We just can't shake these ne troughs this year. Really creating a lot of downstream blocking. Long range gfs digs a major trough into the ne and a ridge builds in the central US as another trough digs into west coast. This omega block would definitely significantly lower severe wx chances. Just can't seem to shake eastern troughing this year. I only have between May 14 and June 1 to chase and I'm not feeling very optimistic right now.
  3. Definitely disappointing to see a trough get sheared out and cutoff during peak season. Crazy how bad this has trended from days ago. Went from a strong negative tilt to a strung out positive tilt that cuts off an upper low. I really hope May can turn things around but I must say not liking the look of long range. Obviously that can and will change. Look how much Tues has changed. I'm starting to wonder if this will be another season of failed big setups with days that look marginal overperforming. I mean that's not bad as long as we get some nice tornadoes like the other day.
  4. Not digging the look of upper air pattern in medium to long range. The trough next week has really trended to a more sheared out positive tilt that eventually cuts off an upper low. Long range gfs builds in a big ridge west and trough east that eventually turns into an omega block. Euro doesn't go out as far as gfs but it also looked to be building a pretty substantial ridge. Obviously this can and will change as models do but definitely discouraging to see.
  5. Yeah early to mid April definitely looks to be pretty stagnant. Hopefully we see a pattern shift mid to late April. Just always concerning when you see these patterns in peak tornado months. Getting flashbacks of last year.
  6. Man if you're wanting an active severe wx pattern for April, GFS is not the outcome you want to see. Forms a massive omega block after the first week of April and persists well into mid April. Euro didn't look as blocky. Teleconnections support a more active pattern so hopefully GFS is out to lunch.
  7. Is there a rating yet on the Greensboro tornado that went through Brent and Centreville?
  8. Yeah I think there was one death with that tornado. That outbreak definitely overperformed with several intense tornadoes esp at dusk or after dark. I was thinking the same thing. I saw a few pictures where houses were leveled and partially swept off foundation. Those were nicer homes to so guessing it would be properly anchored.
  9. Looks like preliminary high end EF3 for Newnan
  10. I definitely think the weaker low was a big factor for MS. It strengthened very slow and not nearly as deep as it progged days ago. This led to weaker winds at sfc and not really backed with limited pressure falls. The early wave of storms to really messed with the wind field in MS. Subsidence behind it likely lead to the clearing and deeper mixing. This contributed to the veered sfc flow in addition to weaker sfc low. Just like last week, wind field was better across AL with S to SE winds. I think even if the EML wasn't as strong, MS storms may still have struggled to produce significant tornadoes with less directional shear in the low levels.
  11. Was wondering the same thing. I don't get it
  12. So definitely could be higher then. I'm no damage expert obviously. Just going off what I seen in the past. Miracle there hasn't been mass fatalities reported given the timing and how severe the damage is. Advanced warning time saved many lives.
  13. That definitely looks like solid EF3 damage in spots. Maybe even mid to high range EF3 in spots.
  14. TWC just confirmed 1 fatality in Newnan. Hopefully there won't be anymore.