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  1. 6/19-6/23 Severe Weather Risk

    need a TW for the Watseka storm.
  2. 6/19-6/23 Severe Weather Risk

    airport was missed to the south but inflow into the circulation was 68 mph.
  3. 6/19-6/23 Severe Weather Risk

    Worried about ver. rates. Yeah that circulation is very close I'd warn even though radar doesn't have it on the ground. Strong circulation.
  4. 6/19-6/23 Severe Weather Risk

    they seemed delayed to the public.
  5. 6/19-6/23 Severe Weather Risk

    One guy on the trigger but he can ask for support from whoever is in the office.
  6. 6/19-6/23 Severe Weather Risk

    Dixon cell going to need a tornado warning.
  7. February Mid/long Range Winter Discussion

    The trough is still positively tilted so you don't get precip developing well north and west of the low.
  8. January Med/Long Range Discussion Part 3

    omg... best line ever
  9. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    0z ukmet has the storm this is further west and stronger but gfs isn't by itself.
  10. Cat 5 Major Hurricane Patricia

    probably the jail, time to go get arrested.
  11. Tracking hurricane Joaquin OTS

    Joking aside it really isn't that far from missing at 63. It is significantly NW of 12z, and more interaction with the trough.
  12. Tracking hurricane Joaquin OTS

    Sit back and look at the nhc track and then look at how far west the nam is. What a pos. it does so few things well that it is just chewing up node time.
  13. Tracking hurricane Joaquin OTS

    sending it back into the gulf stream at the end maybe it'll have double major hurricane landfalls.
  14. Tracking hurricane Joaquin OTS

    That run of the nam is the wackiest thing I've ever seen. It makes landfall in central SC then hugs the coast SW to GA while everyone on the coast sits in the northern eyewall. Gold star nam.
  15. Tracking hurricane Joaquin OTS

    Good ol nam taking it south of Myrtle Beach.