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  1. I remember that one, the smoke was lower and looked like smoke, vs today with it's hazy sky
  2. All I really wanted was rain, all I get is meh and maybe wind
  3. Well, some thunder- no rain yet.... Hopefully I get some rain out of this
  4. Starting to get windy in Quincy, had a few gusts in the past 30 minutes, made the office take notice
  5. Well- if no snow at least we can torch.
  6. Saw a load of CG from today's storms in Qunicy Mass, best storm in years for me. Driving home was a bit of a challenge. An hour and thirty minutes for a 20-mile trip.
  7. I dont know- I think it looks kind of outflow-y
  8. Yep, my temp started to rise at 9 pm. Now up to 45, after hitting around 35 earlier in the evening.
  9. At around 6:30pm, driving towards Brockton Mass, from Stoughton I encountered a sharp shower. It started as a few heavy raindrops and quickly became a downpour. The wind was gusting maybe to 20-25 mph. Following the gust, I encountered a weather phenomenon that is rare. A mixture of hail and graupel. I would say the first burst near the Avon fire station was mostly graupel. However, a second burst near the Brockton city limits was hail. This would be my first-day seeing hail since the morning storms on 6/1/11.
  10. Hey, the lights are on! Well, that was one heck of a storm. I think I had gusts to near 50 mph. It sounded a lot worse, however. I spent the night listening to noaa weather radio and am dxing (listening for far away radio stations.) You know a storm is bad when its the lead story on a Chicago radio station.
  11. Been windy, had some power outages in Hanson, Run of the mill stuff.
  12. Oh wow, thank god it's still like 10 days out.
  13. That rotation is rather nice. It has held on for several scans now.
  14. Lots of low clouds when I was driving home, looked downright stormy.
  15. Yes, most new tv has what is known as clear QAM tuner for digital and HD cable stations. However, Comcast encrypts all but the locals so you are required to pay for box rental and an HD access fee for non-broadcast channels. It is entirely a load of crap Comcast sells. And for over the air broadcasts things are soon going to get tricky. The FCC has sold off UHF stations 53-69 to use for cellphones and other devices. The fcc also had a buy back scheme allowing broadcasters to sell spectrum width for cash. The end result could be co-channel interference and poor reception. Not to mention the lack of bandwidth per channel causing poor HD picture.
  16. Not to derail this thread, but a few words on the storm chasing stuff. 1.I have seen OKC tv station chasers on the air going the wrong way to get to the top of the hill, pass several do not enter signs, why should that be allowed? (This was KWTV 5/9/16) I know it is important that they get the live video, I know that viewer will react and take shelter when the see the storm but it needs to stop. 2. I have never chased, but if a storm is moving at say 50mph do you need to do 100+mph on a country road? Could you not just go 50 and stay about a mile behind the circulation?
  17. They have a report of a "ground circulation" under a wall cloud, about 5mi south of Hollister, OK.
  18. Yeah, I remember hearing a tv met say that the end of May should trend warmer, followed by going back to near normal for early June.
  19. One would hope, but it is a very small market. Storm still looking strong, this could be bad if people are not aware.
  20. Brett Adair is near this stream, they say the are working to get local pics.
  21. Nice soaking rain, wind picking up in Halifax. Power on for now.