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  1. I remember that one, the smoke was lower and looked like smoke, vs today with it's hazy sky
  2. All I really wanted was rain, all I get is meh and maybe wind
  3. Well, some thunder- no rain yet.... Hopefully I get some rain out of this
  4. Starting to get windy in Quincy, had a few gusts in the past 30 minutes, made the office take notice
  5. Well- if no snow at least we can torch.
  6. Saw a load of CG from today's storms in Qunicy Mass, best storm in years for me. Driving home was a bit of a challenge. An hour and thirty minutes for a 20-mile trip.
  7. I dont know- I think it looks kind of outflow-y
  8. Yep, my temp started to rise at 9 pm. Now up to 45, after hitting around 35 earlier in the evening.
  9. At around 6:30pm, driving towards Brockton Mass, from Stoughton I encountered a sharp shower. It started as a few heavy raindrops and quickly became a downpour. The wind was gusting maybe to 20-25 mph. Following the gust, I encountered a weather phenomenon that is rare. A mixture of hail and graupel. I would say the first burst near the Avon fire station was mostly graupel. However, a second burst near the Brockton city limits was hail. This would be my first-day seeing hail since the morning storms on 6/1/11.
  10. Hey, the lights are on! Well, that was one heck of a storm. I think I had gusts to near 50 mph. It sounded a lot worse, however. I spent the night listening to noaa weather radio and am dxing (listening for far away radio stations.) You know a storm is bad when its the lead story on a Chicago radio station.
  11. Been windy, had some power outages in Hanson, Run of the mill stuff.
  12. Oh wow, thank god it's still like 10 days out.
  13. That rotation is rather nice. It has held on for several scans now.