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  1. Commander...the 00z ECMWF was a disaster. Do you read me?

    Roger that.

  2. -NAO...where are youuuu?

  3. 2.56" of rain commander. Over and out. Lol a snow pack destroyer for sure. Inside my pool fence still has quite a bit as well as most of my backyard.

  4. A dead ratter comes around now and then...what can you do?

  5. And it's all been luck until now. Caught in the race of up to down.

  6. April '97 redux, don't fail me now.

  7. As it turns out, it's lack of moisutre that is more a problem here Paul. Hard to believe how early the ECMWF and GFS were closing this storm off at 500 mb just yesterday and even more so two days ago. It sounds like you are doing very well so far. I'd say you have a very good chance at 6+. Good luck!

  8. Back up to 24.5" (25" officially, right?)

  9. Based on AHPS and the map KBOX put out for the storm it seems his total is skewed...lol. I have a theory that rain water is getting caked up on tree leaves and then falling into his rain gauge but he says there are no leaves above it. I'm going to have to farther investigate lol.

  10. Calm down, calm down, don't get a big NAM!

  11. Come back on AIM.

  12. Commander, the 00z GFS nails me with CCB on 12/26. Copy that.

  13. Congrats on the snow pack. :)

  14. Down with the -PDO!

  15. EPIC! Finally broke 10"!

  16. February has saved my winter.

  17. Fool me twice lol. Well, looks like I will be dealing with heavy cold rain here Paul. Either that or nothing if the NAM is correct. Good luck to you up there.

  18. GFS, fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice...

  19. Gloomy May days

  20. Haha, I actually just got a digital camera for my birthday. This is my first one so I probably will have no clue how to use it lol. I have over 3" of rain so far and winds are starting to pick up nothing too crazy though. Looks to be a lull in the rain for now..lights flickered for a split second about 20 mins ago.

  21. Hey went through Worcester on my way back from Manchester, NH tonight.

  22. Hits just keep on coming...