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  1. I would also add that beaches aren't considered federal land which is typically owned by the public. They fall under state and local land which is why they can get away with it.
  2. The government does all sorts of things to public property. Here in NJ, with the exception of a few beaches, they charge you to get on certain times of the year and patrol them at night to keep people off them. I disagree with both but there isn't much you can do.
  3. Yes and the center still isn't there. It's still about 20 to 25 miles away. It (The airport) is basically due north of the southern most tip of the Grand Bahamas.
  4. Seems to be continuing west again. It looks like it osculated for a bit but IR shows it now continuing west.
  5. Makes sense if Dorian is 5MPH or less and the trough is moving much quicker.
  6. Paste the url for the post onto this site: https://ezgif.com/optimize
  7. Looks like the 0z Euro has landfall in South Carolina around Myrtle Beach.
  8. Yup. 100% sure. Just went outside and collected it on my shirt. It's coming down hard.
  9. I have 6+ foot drifts on the side of the house. In front I had 4 foot drifts from the front door all the way to the cars. Two sides of the car are totally clean. Had a couple of houses to do today and my snowblower was pretty useless with the huge drifts.
  10. I'm hanging at my mom's house because they are old, retired and figured they need help shoveling. They are about 7 miles west of Seaside Heights. Drifts are between 3 and 4 feet on the side of the house. Impossible to tell how much snow has fallen. This is about 45 minutes ago. It's pouring huge flakes now.
  11. Do you have a link to the thread on Twitter?