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  1. That little red weenie in the Catskills points right at my house. Can we extend (grow?) that thing by a couple of counties?
  2. That summarizes our last 2 ski trips to Stowe. One day of above freezing temps on soft snow, a little rain, followed by a dive below zero and the whole mountain freezing solid. Our luck when we go there has been so bad that we gave up. The long drive and the crazy expense just haven't been worth it for us. Hopefully Dave's trip will be better.
  3. I was so agitated that I barely slept last night. I have to get it out of my head so the same thing doesn't happen tonight.
  4. We can activate the Jamestown magnet and run it for 24 hours, bring this system about 100 miles west. What could possibly go wrong?
  5. My wife and I just took our golden and went for a lovely 2 hour ski. I spent at least half of the time thinking to myself “How the f*** can you not kill 13 seconds?”
  6. This game should be the Super Bowl. So far it is been played at a level far above the other 3 games this weekend.
  7. I think it's pretty obvious that the Bills or the Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl. Burrow would melt at Bills stadium.
  8. She has quite the wonderful life but her absolute favorite day is being out in the snow.
  9. That looks perfect for a week out. Thats the minimum distance we need it to be from the Jamestown magnet or we know how it will end up.
  10. -15F here. I was just out for 20 minutes It doesn't register as cold on my skin so much as it does direct pain. I love winter but below zero, no thanks.
  11. Nice! I know exactly where that sign is. My wife and I did that as a summer hike a couple of years ago. Honestly can't imagine being out there on a deep winter day.
  12. Roof alert, for those that need to clear their rooves. I almost didn't bother with ours yesterday, as we only got about 8 inches total from this last storm. I'm lucky I did it. Remember that freezing rain storm we had a week ago? Well that layer was still lurking underneath . It was hard and crusty but I could dislodge it. My bet is after 12 hours above freezing today, then another arctic chill, that will be welded down and impossible to shear off. YMMV of course.
  13. I'm in that hole with no radar returns but with steady light snow falling. Always good for morale with better looking stuff headed this way.
  14. My house in central Otsego county at 0700: 5.5 inches fresh snow. 24F
  15. I was there with 2 of my daughters. That was the greatest in person sporting event I have ever attended. The energy in the stadium was incredible. It was like a primal scream erupting from all of us Bills fans who have suffered at the hands of the Patriots and Bill B for the last 20 years.
  16. How does a low follow this track? Just doesn't seem realistic based on past experience.
  17. Yeah but we can look up and see the eye as it passes over us!
  18. Anyone care to share some Bills game advice for tomorrow? This will be my first in person game in many years, and my 2 daughters 11 and 13 are coming for their first game. I think we will be dressed warm enough. We are staying downtown next to Canalside. I'm thinking of leaving the hotel at 1800, which should have us pulling in to Orchard Park by 6:30. I am going to come in on Big Tree Road from the west. We are entering the stadium through Gate 1. Are there good places to park coming in from that direction or should I just stick with the Bills stadium lots? I was thinking Lot 1. We don't mind a few minutes extra walking. Is my timing right or should we be arriving in OP earlier? Any and all suggestions appreciated.
  19. I’m north of you in that same snow hole. When I first saw it 3 days ago I had no concerns, and figured it would probably shift east within a run or two. Now I’m concerned. The persistence is really remarkable, run after run.
  20. Just where we want it 3 days out. I think your area, from Syracuse east to 81 and down to BGM is the jackpot. I may have a dry slot issue here in Otsego but not the snow hole currently depicted.
  21. New England constantly refers to a benchmark track being optimal for them. The benchmark for my part of central NY is right up the Jersey coast and over LawnGuyland. Almost exactly what’s being modeled now for this storm. We take!
  22. Thanks Steve really appreciate that info. I'm thinking the frozen Falls and a stop at the aquarium up there would be a nice Sunday. I love the Science Museum too but the kids are getting too teenaged for it to be cool!
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