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  1. Just now turned to light now here in Fletcher after about 30 minutes of sleet. Very nice to see on 11/12!
  2. That's awesome Joe! Still waiting for a changeover here in Fletcher (where I work). Watched the temp go down from 44 -> 38 on the drive to work. So good to see some November flakes.
  3. Feels so good to be tracking snow again! I hope we reel this one in.
  4. I've got a place booked at Edisto Beach Sunday through next week. Really hoping this thing takes that NE turn ASAP.
  5. Well, this next week or so looks like hell... literally. Ready for Fall!
  6. Close to 6 in Mountain Home. House flooded again. Sigh... Happy "Good" Friday!
  7. moderate sleet here at the moment edit: mixed with snow
  8. Sigh... I'm getting used to the "warm" now... Ready to get into the garden/yard!
  9. About .25 ZR here - heard two trees come down already this morning.
  10. Looks like we may have some temperature issues this afternoon.
  11. Looks like they updated the WWA to now, and details: ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY NOW IN EFFECT UNTIL 4 PM EST WEDNESDAY... * WHAT...Mixed precipitation. Additional snow and sleet accumulations of up to one inch and ice accumulations of .1 to .2 inches. * WHERE...The mountains of Greenville County South Carolina, and in North Carolina, the mountains of Polk and Rutherford Counties, as well as Henderson, Buncombe, and Transylvania Counties, especially in locations close to the Continental Divide.