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  1. Winding down now. Picked up an inch. Not bad for a “dusting”!
  2. Wouldn’t be surprised to get a quick half inch out of this last burst.
  3. Yes, that was forecast. Should have at least snow showers through 8.
  4. I’m over in Canton now and it’s finally starting to stick. Good rate.
  5. A good dusting here. Sidewalks and roads are good. Enjoying it completely.
  6. Yeah it came out of nowhere! Going to start salting the sidewalks shortly. It’s not really sticking at the moment.
  7. Finally steady here after spurts. So nice to see it falling again. This winter has been abysmal.
  8. Was light mix snow/sleet, died down a bit now, but I’m down the mountain. Home is up on Stoney Mountain. and... back to all snow (light).
  9. Starting to get the feeling we’ll all be surprised. Fingers crossed.
  10. I have to say, I’m impressed with the range WLOS gave themselves