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  1. Rocky Point: Long lull from about 15:30 to 17:00, with some very light rain maybe for a short spell. Back to light to almost mod snow now, 1/4" to 1/2" flakes. Had 4" exactly as of 15:30.
  2. Been all snow in Rocky Point except for maybe 20 minutes of mixed ping around 12:30 I think. 4" exactly on patio table. Local roads front of house are 2" of slop. Been moderate last hour though flakes have gone smaller just recently. Intellicast radar continues to look good to me. North shore, just east of the OKX radar blind spot. Looks like upglide has been favoring north of LIE to LI Sound out this way, starting from reasonably persistent dry south of LI.
  3. Rocky Point: Snow has gone from light to moderate in last few minutes. Big flakes. Starting to accum on non-paved and at least sticking for a while on paved surfaces. Temp dropped nicely since the onset. Winds slowly pulling a bit from NE to NNE.
  4. Agreed. Base presentation out of OKX looks heavy here in RP. Base presentation out of BOX looks bone dry here. I don't know the base elevation angle tho. No complaints - very fortunate to get what we're getting out here. 5" OTG in RP. I've seen higher totals nearby. Believable given past storm histories. Still watching the pivot to see what it brings. Given the dynamics, have hope ...
  5. I learn something every day. That was new to me. Thanks! To make this semi-non-banter - the pivot in interesting to watch as it unfolds. Rare that I benefit from it out here. Dry slot looks to be just touching RP. Just might work out this time. Impressive storm. Edit: Ground truth here is something of a blend between intellicast, NWS radar, and whatever my phone app is.
  6. :-D I see one of us qualifies as "essential". Thanks for the pics. Definitely a much different picture than what I have local to my house. I'm 90' or so above MSL and about 200' off the sound, but somewhat sheltered by trees - less so to the northwest than north and east. Even so, new drifting today hasn't been much of a problem up here. The free sand application that blows up from the beach is a nice bonus I suppose. BNL's 5000 acres and lots of open expanses make for more interesting times. I feel for crews trying to clean things up. I've spent enough snow storms there to know what it can be like.
  7. Too tired to finish reading the thread yesterday. Interesting for me to see the varying comments on this. I'm in Rocky Point, LI north shore, one block off the sound. Even in the heaviest of the day, the earliest band, the snow was clearly fairly fine. Even in slow eddies, I could only see occasional flakes up to maybe 0.25" at best. The density of the snow here definitely surprised me when I went out to clean up. Could tell snow blower was working a bit harder than expected. When I went to shovel non snow blower areas, found the snow very heavy, and very dense. Not wet snow heavy, but much, much denser/heavier than expected. My back is still hurting. Drifting was interesting as well. In places exposed to the wind, drifting was a definite factor - but more in the sense of recovering cleared areas and keeping other wind cleared spots clean. One area of my neighbor's driveway was simply pointless to clear as it very quickly got recovered in snow. But I didn't notice anything in the way of deep drifting in the neighborhood. Deepest in my yard was maybe 14" in a spot where I'd expect severe drift depth. So I wonder if JFK's drift problem was similar - just dense snow that in the very high winds still recovered the runways. BNL is closed today due to issues with snow clearing and re-drifting, so I'm curious to see what kind of drifting they had when I'm back to work. Whether it was snow growth problem, wind shattered flakes or a combination - I don't know. I suspect both were a problem out here, but thinking the wind was the dominant issue. In any case, great storm. Glad it worked out much better for more of the forum than might have been expected.
  8. Heavy snow - relatively fine. Wind picked up some more in the last 30 minutes. Maybe 400' vis. Edit: Winds are from the BNL tower measurements.
  9. Thunder in Rocky Point. Moderate snow tho. Eyeballing 4". Small flake size - not sure if that's due to wind or growth type.
  10. BNL (Upton) thru the overnight. Legitimate cold air mass. Impressive to be that cold at the surface when that well mixed.
  11. Organizing and making a slow crawl north. Sitting in Rocky Point (right on the sound, tick west of due north from OKX). Curious to see how it is when it arrives. Not much here so far. Basically a very fine sugar snow. Haven't yet noticed anyone on the forks with a report as it's pushing in.