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  1. Finished at 8.2", the last 4 of which was deliciously fluffy. Lower end of expectations but I'm pleased overall (in my advancing age I no longer let envy get the best of me post-storm... you gotta enjoy what you get... although does SNE ever not max out? Good lord.). Howling winds now and cold - love the way it looks outside. Let's grab a few more this month, ey?
  2. What do you have now? Though I didn't make an official forecast, I was confident that N & W areas would do well. Always thought Ulster et al would crack double digits. I had a max running an arc from W Milford NJ through Harriman NY to DXR - looks like the eastern part of that arc verified. Totals were not as impressive as I thought over far NW/NNJ. Here, about 4 miles south of the I80-GSP interchange, I broadbrushed 8-12 with max to 15 which some places to the SW did not verify (that was not for NJ counties outside OKX domicile)- but most of Ct and LI will be at or exceeding the upper end of that range.
  3. Haven't had an exact measurement, but I'm guessing somewhere in the 8-8.5" range in Upper Montclair - matches other obs in the county. Still snowing lightly so perhaps we add a tenth or two. Came in towards the bottom end of the 8-12 range but oh well. As others have mentioned, the really heavy bands set up from about DXR up to Ulster and pivoted east. That's where the lollis to 15 will verify. LI will have some pushing 15 too, it seems. Also, let's not bite (or show?) the Kuchera maps again. They are horribly inflated.
  4. Yep I probably finish with 8 or 8.5 (haven't measured in a while) - low end of range but still fun. Anyone under that band in SW CT? Looks like mega dump age - they will be a mini jack
  5. Where are you relative to RU? There's a last gasp band that should drop another half inch or so.
  6. Heaviest of the day here - band has stalled overhead and seems to be back building some - this is the pivot that will bring much of NNJ to 10... We already have 7.5
  7. 5.5 here, vis probably 3/8 Someone in Western MA will hit 20", that has to be 4-5 per in that death band
  8. The storm is intensifying which throws precip to the NW - the storm is bodily moving eastward but it's precip shield is expanding at the same time, so the back edge will appear to slow down
  9. As is the HV/NNJ... The back edge is zipping but it'll encounter some resistance from the expanding baroclinic leaf as the storm bombs out.
  10. This is what those fingerpainted upper level maps translates to - very strong lift over a broad area
  11. We have nearly 5" and it's ripping 2 per - where the deformation band really pivots and cranks watch the F out
  12. Relax, this guy comes out of the woodwork every storm with the same misguided anxiety
  13. Lol ya think? > 18 will be tough methinks but I think odds of >12 are at least 40% for all of okx counties