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  1. Don't think we ever went to plain rain here in Montclair - probably a half inch of sleet/ZR coating everything, trees looks gorgeous but clearing the sidewalk and stoop was rough.
  2. I'd take that bet, I think the backlash won't really impact them but areas to the NE
  3. Much of the Boston area is busting hard tonight though
  4. Wow, sorry Boston peeps. It's become so ccommonplace in the last few years for yall to reach/exceed the top end of ranges that to see a bust is almost bizarre.
  5. Beautiful radar image out of BOX - Low level oes echoes coming ashore into Boston as the broad isentropic lift approaches from the west
  6. Thanks - I'm not sure what I'm waiting for (won't be a warm push, perhaps a drop in intensity later) - I just don't want to risk it with my kids...
  7. 80/20 sleet/snow here in Upper Montclair after a morning of ZR. Gotta pick my son up at grandma's in Westwood and thinking I'll wait until things lighten up and the crews can make some headway
  8. Yeah that's man cold to the east, the stuff in NNJ is shallow
  9. I could go for some chowder in Portland right about now... Road trip anyone? They'll have a 3 ft snowpack
  10. That's why it'll be a kitchen sink deal for the majority of the NYC metro until you get north of NJ and into S CT
  11. I'd go coating to 1" NYC south (slush), 1-3 up to the Merritt in CT (and similar latitudes), 3-5 to 84, then 5+ north of 84. It's not a straight E-W temp gradient so areas to the NE may do better, eg New Haven, CT may do better than White Plains.
  12. Absolutely - but your latitude is your primary inhibitor
  13. Seems overdone to me south of 84 It's got some sleet in there, I think 2-4 seems reasonable for you ATM
  14. Death, taxes, and ag3's homerism. When you consider the forecast region as a whole, BOX>OKX.
  15. Haha, a few things to note: 1) I never inflate totals - I routinely come in under surrounding towns. when I lived in Forest Hills, NY, I would consistently be an inch or two below the reports from Kew Gardens, LGA, etc... I'm also in the northernmost part of the town, literally a stone's throw from Clifton/Passaic Cty. Several reports from Essex Co came in the 7.5-9" range, before they were removed by the NWS with the latest PNS. 2) I have two young kids so no excursion to a soccer field for me. I will note that my house faces north, and the N wind component yesterday probably piled it at the front yard somewhat and may have tunneled some extra snow into my yard. The houses are pretty tightly packed in my neighborhood. My gravel driveway had a consistent 8, the front yard had 9, the back had 8, the deck - where it likely melted to start and was blocked by the roof to the north - had 7. 3) As an aside, and certainly no offense to you or anyone else, but I really don't care about uber precision when it comes to measuring snow. At the end of the day 7 or 8 or 9 inches looks and feels pretty much the same and looks almost identical the next day. I guess this is why I never pursued a PhD in meteorology after getting my MS at PSU - some of my classmates would go onto work that involved some cloud physics equation and getting to a more exact estimate of the 3rd significant figure of some snow accretion coefficient. Not really for me - I love math/science and am proficient in it, but I don't have that kind of passion or patience.