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  1. Days like these remind us why the summer season is the hardest to predict.
  2. I think it was closer to 1.25-1.5 primarily... on the lower end of guidance.
  3. Yep, last few events, while significant, have underperformed WRT QPF
  4. It's been happening more and more - it's not blind anymore... NAM killed it down here on March 14 and last Jan it led the way too
  5. Meh that shyte was 99.9% prob of 12+ for NYC 36 hours prior to the last storm. The king has officially fallen off his rocker.
  6. Southern Dacks/Greens/Whites look amazing for this. I'm tempted to drive north on Sunday with the kiddies.
  7. of course - that was my point - boy you're struggling with the reading comp today bro!
  8. Don't let facts get in the way of a good narrative. This is a weak, sheared out mess in March... no way it'll snow save those picnic tables!
  9. It's not impossible to hit 60 in Western areas if we get some breaks of sunshine - KUNV is at 59/50 and patches of clearing are spreading eastward. We'll see.
  10. 10-11" here in Montclair. Got 8" (3 in about 45 minutes) this morning, then a wicked wind driven sleet/snow. Brought the depth to around 9... have no idea how much sleet fell so estimating the total. Perhaps we can grab another inch to bring us to around a foot. Not a bad storm, but given expectations, it gets a C/C- from me. Sleet is a total buzzkill.
  11. Of - instead of using a silly rule that doesn't work - you can just multiply by the conversion factor of 0.62.
  12. I'm feeling pretty good too here - imagining worst case scenarios... Catching subsidence from a massive band to my N&W, potential mixing (maybe a 20% proposition) - still, it's hard to imagine not getting at least 15" from this
  13. Goofus doing Goofus things - it'll catch up tomorrow around this time.
  14. Well, that's the thing - we've got 8 more model cycles before go time and peeps were ready to hit the ledge after a few shaky OP runs. Pace yourselves, folks
  15. Sloppy phase - better but still a slingshot east