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  1. Agreed... the NWS came into the NYC forum to clarify that the 24-36" shading really meant 24-30... anyway, when your low amount is already a top 3 storm for the city, it's tough to justify. 18-24", hell, even 12-18 will get the public's attention! And you can always ramp up gradually if need be, and no one will notice. People at work were just throwing out, "well, it looks like 3 feet for the city", as if that is something that is so easy to attain. That 24-36" range is a 1/50 - 1/200 year event for the city. Not irresponsible, and certainly could have occurred (I was always skeptical for NJ), but let's just say overzealous.
  2. Are you fkn kidding me? Good lord man, the CT jack...congrats.
  3. Steve uses comedy to hedge... I like it. p.s. Don't spike the football over D10+ progs. Defenders are now converging on Gronk and the pass may get intercepted.
  4. Ugh man, that's really rough. So very sorry to hear.
  5. Man, that's bad... Paul Kocin must be laughing somewhere.
  6. Update? I'm looking to you to find a changeover to snow.
  7. That's good news, I guess. When this started as snow, I thought we were in good shape... I'm learning quickly about LI climo - first Nor'easter I'm riding out in Forest Hills. Rain is miserable. Still like 2-3" on the backside... perhaps 4 if a good band sets up overhead. But the wait is excruciating.
  8. Rain/sleet/snow here (Forest Hills) ... probably 30/50/20 ... looks to be trending more towards snow as I type. Encouraged by unc's obs from SI.
  9. Grass getting coated here in Forest Hills. Moderate snow. A few pingers mixed in, though. I'm getting excited. I think 3-5, but would not be shocked to get a bit more... like the evolution of things right now. Dynamic system.
  10. I agree. They can always hoist them again, though.
  11. Cmon... we know better than to do this at this stage of the storm.
  12. Probably going to be one of those deals where we get a few inches as the coastal takes over and pulls away. May be some junk to contend with on the front end. I still like 2-4" over the city (4 NW, 2 SE) ... we shall see.
  13. Looks like 2-4" for the NYC Metro... that's where I live, that's what I care about (Tommy Boy reference)...