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  1. CNYWeather

    Personal Weather Station Hub

    http://www.cnyweather.com WU Station KNYWESTM1 Davis VP2 about 4 miles SE of KRME. Got 2 cam streams up also.
  2. ... Lewis County... 1 NW Constableville 44.0 500 am 12/12 cocorahs Constableville 35.3 333 am 12/12 co-op observer Lowville 16.0 700 am 12/12 co-op observer Beaver Falls 7.5 830 PM 12/11 social media ... Livingston County... 4 WSW Dansville 2.7 700 am 12/12 cocorahs ... Monroe County... 1 NW North Chili 6.1 700 am 12/12 cocorahs Rochester Intl Arpt 4.6 700 am 12/12 ASOS 6 ESE Rochester 4.5 700 am 12/12 cocorahs ... Ontario County... Honeoye 6.0 830 am 12/12 co-op observer Geneva 1.2 800 am 12/12 co-op observer ... Oswego County... Redfield 44.0 630 PM 12/11 social media Bennetts bridge 20.0 700 am 12/12 co-op observer Palermo 5.3 600 am 12/12 co-op observer Minetto 5.0 700 am 12/12 cocorahs 5 ESE Oswego 5.0 700 am 12/12 cocorahs Fulton 3.0 700 am 12/12 co-op observer
  3. 2.6" here just south of Rome. rain started around 7pm, Just starting to change back over to light snow now at almost 8am.
  4. Got 0.7" in Westmoreland this morning also.
  5. Looks like I wont have far to go. Just have to look around. Should be an interesting day.
  6. There was some dime size hail there in Sylvan Beach. I had pea sized in Westmoreland during the storms.
  7. CNYWeather

    2013 Lawn and Garden Thread

    I mow too much yard. Rolling the mole hills is a lot easier because there are a lot.
  8. CNYWeather

    2013 Lawn and Garden Thread

    Once the yard dries out a bit, it'll be time to get the roller out and mush down all the mole hills. Then, the mowing marathon begins. Some new flower gardens and maybe a bigger koi pond are in this years plans.
  9. CNYWeather

    Banter/Complaint Thread

    My brother in law in Central CT has more snow than me already. Same thing happened last year when I got my measly 46". I'm not too confident in beating him this year either.
  10. CNYWeather

    Acu-Rite Weather Stations

    Seems like a lot of people are happy with the Acu-Rite stations. A bunch of guys on another weather blog are having no issues and one of the developer is in there a lot asking for suggestions. They are all waiting for the 5 in 1 bridge to come out still though.
  11. <----- I like burning stuff.

  12. Waiting For The Snow