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  1. My place, last one was April 2017. Way above the norm that year. Not sure if thats a good representation of other parts of the area.
  2. 3.4" of fluff in Westmoreland this morning. Temp hit 0° this morning after the skies cleared. Reached 25.1" for the month!
  3. 2.1" in Westmoreland. 1/4" of ice and the tube melted down 0.50"
  4. Those areas arent part of their viewing area and are usually a different shade of whatever color.
  5. They've backed way off here as far as accumulations. guess we'll see how this pans out in the morning.
  6. Another 4" since 7am yesterday in Westmoreland. Approaching 20" for the month. Another morning of clearing out the little dogs paths.
  7. 0.8" at my 7am measurement in Westmoreland. Some light snow falling now. Up to 15.6" for February and 55.5" for the season.
  8. 8.6" in Rome at 7am on my snowboard. 0.68" melted from the tube.
  9. A few flurries in Rome, NY. Here's my Nest Cams if anyone wants the look throughout the storm Front Cam Back Cam
  10. Seems like a lot of people are happy with the Acu-Rite stations. A bunch of guys on another weather blog are having no issues and one of the developer is in there a lot asking for suggestions. They are all waiting for the 5 in 1 bridge to come out still though.
  11. <----- I like burning stuff.

  12. Waiting For The Snow

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