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  1. Yeah i think its time to over turn it.
  2. Come back to ampol. I crushed the libs and they all ran away
  3. I'm not sure how that happened. I got .4 here from the same cell
  4. We get warning for garden showers here
  5. Yeah for sure and we also get the big winter storms and fall and spring rain Noreasters. All our resivors are at like 100% Feel like we have been getting wetter and wetter
  6. Its crazy how much water we get here and the west is so dry
  7. Where are you? A few more firing to the south on the gust front line
  8. Best part of the storm over north shore that got clobbered yesterday.
  9. Weakening a bit now
  10. Wow the wind is really ripping. How is this not warned
  11. Wind gusting now too.
  12. How is there no warning for this. This is insane. Lighting hitting everywhere
  13. Crazy lighting. Hail core coming at me
  14. Yes august 2011 was insane. I got 7" in a few hours. With a max rain rate of like 57 or something obsured like that.
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