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  1. The fact that it's crawling...the easterly flow must just be piling water into the lakes by Nola
  2. It has really slowed the last 30 min on radar. Just crawling now.
  3. This is insane... It's basically going underwater now
  4. Lol imagine not being able to see a trend
  5. Looks like new drop at 140kt at the surface. Significant Wind Levels Level Wind Direction Wind Speed 951mb (Surface) 85° (from the E) 140 knots (161 mph) 945mb 85° (from the E) 139 knots (160 mph) 938mb 95° (from the E) 160 knots (184 mph) 936mb 95° (from the E) 162 knots (186 mph) 930mb 100° (from the E) 149 knots (171 mph) 916mb 105° (from the ESE) 135 knots (155 mph) 906mb 105° (from the ESE) 136 knots (157 mph) 899mb 105° (from the ESE) 130 knots (150 mph) 883mb 110° (from the ESE) 127 knots (146 mph) 863mb 105° (from the ESE) 136 knots (157 mph) 850mb 115° (from the ESE) 124 knots (143 mph) 760mb 125° (from the SE) 147 knots (169 mph)
  6. Pretty good wobble to the wnw in the last 30 min. Every inch counts for NoLa at this point.
  7. Weatherbird is hauling ass to get to the storm
  8. I believe it's the same plane that had issues with Henri too
  9. AF plane looks like it is having issues and returning
  10. Yeah, there is clear wobble north. Not a trend yet
  11. It looks like it is ready to wrap up already
  12. Center looks a bit ragged now coming off cuba
  13. People arnt going to leave until they see the storm is a cat 3
  14. Yeah it has gone WNW for a good bit now. Also going over the island seems to have warmed some of the cloud tops
  15. Wow does that move almost due west over LI
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