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  1. Picked up 1.07" of rain with the system last night. Had a low of 45 today. No reports of any snow in the arrowhead of MN today.
  2. Are there any pics or links on this? It would be interesting to see.
  3. Looks like some much needed rain is coming to California this week.
  4. The Sierra snow pack is in really bad shape.
  5. Some pretty amazing precip deficits for 2013 in California.
  6. DLH recorded a low -28 this morning. The last time a temp of -28 or lower occurred there was on Jan 17, 2005.
  7. The coldest wind chill temperature found in Minnesota so far on January 6th is -63 degrees at Grand Marais Airport at 9am (-31 degree F air temperature and 21mph wind.)
  8. Hit -23 at midnight. Clouds increased and the temp held steady after.
  9. Grand Marais, MN airport has a wind chill of -55
  10. To add to your info the MN state climatology office has a good article on wind chills.
  11. Why is ice free defined as under 1,000,000 km2? Just curious because I havent really researched this topic much but I find it interesting.
  12. That snow is hanging on by a thread. Doesnt have much time left.