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  1. Must be your computer... it's working on mine.
  2. You're a good poster. Keep it up!

  3. Wow I don't think any other site (except maybe Accuweather Pro or StormVista) has the full hourly NAM... I was wondering when someone would put it up for free. And great resolution -- even Accuweather Pro only has 20-km res. Any chance you will be getting the 4-km nest up, or is that a pipe dream?
  4. No, the gauss values are still going down.
  5. You may want to check out your snow cover maps... they are showing weird percentages... based on my knowledge of GrADS, I think you averaged 0-360 lon yet calculated and displayed -270 to 90. Amirite?
  6. Whoah just downloaded this... it is truly what WeatherGeek Pro tried to be (no offense to the Geek lol). Definitely the best alternative to the horrible new NCEP interface available anywhere... especially because it has EVERY map from the NCEP MAG site (except the GFDL and HWRF, but being a programmer, I can understand why those might give him some trouble). Great job! Other than the map selection, I especially like how you can loop through the maps in a way similar to that of the NCEP site, speeding up the animation, slowing it down, or manually stepping through the images. Well worth the $5 IMO... would even be worth twice that.
  7. +1 to that... if you have multiple items to do in succession, just make a shell script and cron it instead of cronning every single call.
  8. Where did you get that information?
  9. I was wondering why I couldn't find most of the maps... I had just figured that they were to be added in the near future. Thanks, and great site (the Previous and Next buttons are a great touch)! Still, more models would be appreciated.
  10. Great site; I will be using this exclusively for GFS maps from now on (unless I need something your site doesn't have). It needs more models though... sure the GFS is the most-viewed model, but the NAM comes pretty darn close, and of course the RUC and HRRR would be good to add for those situations when updates every 6 hours are not enough. Any chance you will be getting individual member GEFS and SREF maps anytime soon? I would LOVE to see Kuchera on those!
  11. Most of the highest-paying NOAA/NWS jobs are comp-sci people with a background in meteorology anyway from what I gather... those computer models don't create themselves (though an experimental technology may one day allow such models to exist... at that point human forecasters will gradually be replaced by computers, and even TV mets will be replaced by people who read natural-language computer output... by that time computers may even be issuing watches and warnings)
  12. Will be interesting to see what happens this winter. Remember that November 2009 had a predominantly +AO as well, so the 11/2010 +AO is nothing to worry about.