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  1. (Yes it was posted earlier but this is a static version) 3 inches here... meanwhile my friend with the weather website gets 30+... I personally would prefer the 12Z GEFS member p003, which still gives STL over 2 feet but Tulsa gets 9 inches.
  2. 117.9 somewhere in OK tomorrow according to NAM
  3. NWS TUL not pulling any punches for Monday
  4. 12Z Euro shows widespread 105+ highs on June 27 (with Tulsa being at 110 at 7 PM)... here's an 850mb map... the area of 27.5C temps here is a little SMALLER than the 105F highs area, which I can't post because it's on a paysite.
  5. Must be your computer... it's working on mine.
  6. hold it... i just remembered where i got the maps from... D*** YOU INSTANTWEATHERMAPS!!!