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  1. 12z GFS echoes 6z maybe even a bit more impressive with strat vort split about to begin
  2. to my eyes it looks like the open water up in Beaufort/Chukchi is acting as a heat repository still, and if you loop the 10mb maps on tropical wx you can see how the atmospheric heat appears to be getting dumped in this region... this yr appears to be more exaggerated than any previous in that the PV is already splitting repeatedly. the 10mb map posted above shows how the heat dome pokes all the way into Greenland, forcing air from S Greenland SW into Quebec/the US. very curious to see what 12z shows in long range... i think the 240hr+ GFS has value if you use it on a hemispheric scale (better when used w ensembles of course), definitely not for specifics tho.
  3. strat vort split should be complete by 11/25
  4. qr7121

    Ancient Climate Change and GHG emissions

    i was not insinuating, i was explicitly stating, based on your posts here. you are welcome!
  5. thank you. i do not want to get personal or mean. let's get back on topic and i apologize if anyone was offended.
  6. qr7121

    Ancient Climate Change and GHG emissions

    really? you just make up **** and say it is so?
  7. ORHWX does, so do the other mets in this thread, they've made that known the past several pages... PS if you dismiss the importance of apostrophes it is difficult to take your words srsly... just saying
  8. qr7121

    Ancient Climate Change and GHG emissions

    did you bother reading it or are you just stupid?
  9. qr7121

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    i've been here since forever.. you are a denier... unacceptable sometimes vicki has the best and most accurate GIFs
  10. the forum denies CC... this thread makes that blatantly obvious... i am saying the variability we experience as "seasons" is beginning to occur all yr long.
  11. qr7121

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    100% true... liar
  12. ...i lived through 12/15 in NYC when we were warmer than an average April and averaged warmer than the coldest Mays... the same winter we saw the biggest snowstorm ever which i correctly predicted would happen... this year we have seen horrific events all over the place; did you miss the wildfires that consumed entire towns across Canada/Siberia? what about Baton Rouge? or the Carolina floods? or Miami sinking into the ocean? or the CA drought worsening? last Christmas I was in DC... we had a 22 degree halo -- it was 75 degrees xmas eve and there was literally a tropical phenomenon at 39N that night, in the dead of winter. i did not say the entire forum is full of deniers -- but i definitely think that you are the pack's ringleader.