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  1. There’s a thread for this outbreak I think
  2. Big hit for southern New England on the 12zGFS, cat 2 or 3
  3. Looks like A big hit for southern New England on the 12zGFS
  4. Honestly eastern New England need to watch Chris as the models are trending closer and would be a hurricane as it passes by but the UKMET is showing SE Massachusetts landfall as a hurricane
  5. The thing is the UKMET showed into Cuba to Florida from a week away with Irmawhile all the other models showed east of Florida into North Carolina and we all know which model nearly verified so looking at things I feel the current motion is more in line with the UKMET than any of the other models so it's going to be a long week
  6. Can't discount it, it did quite well with Irma and Harvey
  7. If the Euro and GFS meet in the middle this will run up the spine of Florida, am prepared for this
  8. This is going to be a huge disaster and i feel for the people down from the dam if the reservoir floods out
  9. The New Orleans tornado has a preliminary rating of EF 3
  10. Even South Texas isn't out of the woods yet
  11. looks like that cell heading for Chandler has large hail and weak rotation, that cell may end up being the first of many tornado warned cells today
  12. Joquin and Erika have been retired in the Atlantic and Patricia in the pacific
  13. Based on the subsurface upwelling kelvin wave we may see an rather dramatic drop in enso 3 in the next month or 2 possibly making the CFSv2 unrealistic and siding more with the euro as Mike Ventrice has mentioned on his twitter
  14. The way things are looking we may or may not have an active hurricane season, it all will depend on the water temps SW of the Baja