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  1. Got Haggis?

    Feb 8th-9th Obs thread Part 2

    huge flakes in baltimore city now, barely sticking to the grass though. mostly white rain
  2. Got Haggis?

    March 2-3 Obs Thread

    Sleet just started here in baltimore city.
  3. Got Haggis?

    Feb 12-13 Finale Observations Part 3

    windows being pinged to death - baltimore city
  4. snowing in Baltimore City - cars and parking lot dusted already
  5. Got Haggis?

    January 21st Snowstorm OBS

    started in Annapolis about 30 minutes ago. Light steady snow (small flakes) - not sticking to anything yet.
  6. Got Haggis?

    Biggest Storm of 2014 Nowcast/Obs/Disco

    Received an alert that LWX bumped me up to 3-5 around 7:43pm. Just received another alert that downgraded it to 2-4" at 8:06pm. Odd.
  7. Got Haggis?

    Biggest Storm of 2014 Nowcast/Obs/Disco

    Baltimore City about 5 minutes ago (Mt Vernon neighborhood)
  8. Got Haggis?

    Biggest Storm of 2014 Nowcast/Obs/Disco

    flakes just started in annapolis area
  9. Got Haggis?

    Dec 10 Morning Crusher (obs/nowcasting)

    Drove from Baltimore to Annapolis this morning - 295 and 695 were starting to get covered (in slush) - 97 was just wet - turned to a mix of sleet and snow at the 97/50 interchange.
  10. Got Haggis?

    Winter storm 12/8-9 Observations/Nowcasting

    Went from nothing to this in about 10 minutes
  11. Got Haggis?

    Winter storm 12/8-9 Observations/Nowcasting

    Just started here (light flurries) in Mt Vernon (Baltimore City). Elevation - 97 feet.
  12. updated the automatic snow map again lowering totals.....still seems too high for east http://www.erh.noaa.gov/lwx/winterstorm/
  13. heavy band came through Annapolis, snow started mixing in...now back to light rain.
  14. drove from Mt Vernon Baltimore City to Annapolis this morning. Rain was mixing with snow in Mt Vernon around 7:30am - was all rain down by the stadiums until I got to around Crownsville - snow mixed back in...and now it's all rain where i'm at in Annapolis.
  15. Hope you are ok man. Let tdub know if you get a chance