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  1. Steady strengthening, but thinking the crazy rapid deepening isn’t gonna happen.
  2. This storm seems similar to Betsy in path and strength.
  3. 974 seems kinda high, definitely looks better than it’s hard numbers right now.
  4. Things seem to have leveled off some.
  5. Eye wall definitive warming, may be encountering some challenges as it continues moving north.
  6. I mean it’s going to be a dangerous storm, I just don’t understand the mania and everyone losing their heads over it. It looks far enough west to spare New Orleans the worst.
  7. This thing is booking, think we’re looking at a 960mb landfall.
  8. Track looks more west, hitting low population swamps…let’s hope it stays that way.
  9. Hopefully it interrupted it enough to keep it from getting its act together for awhile.
  10. We’re supposed to value all opinions right? I’m fine with others believing, that’s just how I feel.
  11. Phin we get it, you’re waiting to get the shot. It’s fine, you live in the middle of nowhere in New England and have a very good job that allows you to work around certain situations, and I’m sure in person you’re an interesting and intelligent dude who I’d actually enjoy conversing with…but things are bad there. These people aren’t in a good situation and there’s no other way to put it.
  12. On top of all of that the kitchen and nutrition staff and several emergency nurses are quitting in large numbers due to being worn out, understaffed and finding better opportunities outside of healthcare or hospital system. They literally can’t staff the places right now.
  13. Hospitals are filled in Arkansas and the people in the icu beds are mainly on ventilators. They’ve had to stop elective procedures(which makes them the money they need to stay afloat) and also are having to shop hundreds of miles away each time a cardiac emergency happens or a serious crash takes place. My aunt says her hospital system is on the verge of collapse and they are literally doing anything they can do to find resources and try to stay afloat. It’s a very bad situation.
  14. Yup absolutely, the stress on the hospital system in the southeast is about to put a ton of people out of their livelihoods. Every employer should have the power to make the decision of what is most feasible and beneficial to them and how they want to go forward. That used to be a conservative opinion but things got weird lately.
  15. I’m 200 percent in favor of employer mandates and mandates for federal workers, absolutely.
  16. I think it’s to the point of frustration for some people. Things could be getting a lot better a lot sooner, but the vaccination rates are lacking far too much to get us there soon. I have close relatives working as hospital administrators in Arkansas and they literally are on the brink of total collapse due to the fact they basically had to shut everything down again just to help covid patients. At some point this stops being about opinions and turns into dark and real realities.
  17. He’s still rooting hard for breakthrough covid deaths per usual.
  18. He’s obsessed with the vaccine being a failure.
  19. He makes strawmen up constantly to get angry and have a cause to rally against.
  20. Yes! Why is this so hard for some to understand? We had the loosest guidelines of just about any developed nation.
  21. I love how the New England thread has its very own Alex Berenson.
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