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  1. 32 minutes ago, psuhoffman said:

    2010 is probably the goal here.  We had pac help in Dec but the second round that year was all high latitude driven overcoming a crap pac. But it was PERFECT blocking so that’s living on the edge. But was 11 years ago. We are warming. And a lot of those storms were borderline. Only the late Jan one was cold. All the others after if you add a few degrees we are in trouble.  And the temps in Canada that Jan were warm but not as warm as now!  Probably helped that year the pac wasn’t puke early and allowed a cold pool to build. Then the Atlantic was able to prevent it from being completely obliterated later. 

    Either way that temp profile in NW Canada is way better then now! 

    2010 was once in a lifetime.  Give me a 2018 type winter (around 30" total with one big storm) and I'm ecstatic. 


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  2. 14 minutes ago, ovechkin said:

    Graupel flurries in Wheaton. Temp about 32. Why graupel? 

    Snow falling thru super-cooled water droplets.  I was showing my daughter the perfect star-shaped ones on the deck table.  Pretty neat precip type.  All snow in Germantown now.

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  3. 33 minutes ago, nj2va said:

    Up to 40 at deep creek with mod/heavy rain on radar. 

    I’m under a high wind warning at my parents place in ocean county, NJ for 60 mph wind gusts. Wild. 

    Wow you've got it covered -- parents place for coastal/beach blizzards, home for DC specials and Deep Creek!

    Lt rain and 43 here. 

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  4. 36 minutes ago, catoctin wx said:

    Speeding down the highway towards Trever Lawrence and his flowing hair.  Can't wait to see them destroy another young QB within 2 years.  

    I look forward to NFL D-linemen getting a piece of Lawrence.

  5. I was just reminiscing about the awesome December 2009 storm.  11 years ago today was our office holiday party and I was checking the model runs between having drinks and fun.  I remember a post by one of the Moderators saying "welp, it's just about time for the Euro to pinch on off in the punch bowl" and another guy (Ian maybe?) said "If this goes bad I will intentionally roll my car on I-70"

    The Euro run was great and we had no stress leading up to that incredible storm.  I cannot believe it's been 11 years! 

  6. 45 minutes ago, CAPE said:

    Fgen forced snow bands are great when you are under them, but frustrating as hell if you are in the adjacent area of sinking air.

    Oh man in Jan. 25, 2000, I was between two bands like that for hours.  I even had a peek of sun at one point.  I ended up with 7" while areas to the west and east got 15-20. That one hurt! 

  7. 5 hours ago, WxMan1 said:

    Been chatting with the BGM NWS office overnight. They got 5, that's FIVE inches in one hour, midnight to 1 am. The deformation band is pivoting, but Binghamton is right smack in the middle at the pivot point. They'll end up over 30" for sure.


    I checked out their hourly obs - 0.40 for that hour, and they got 0.35 and 0.36 for the next two hours!  Can you imagine.  And all while in the mid teens.

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  8. Well look who's #1 in the region for reported snow amounts!

    02:50 pm EST - 12/16/2020    2 E STEPHENS CITY, VA    6.4
    02:51 pm EST - 12/16/2020    1 SSW MARTINSBURG, WV    6
    02:24 pm EST - 12/16/2020    4 ENE WINCHESTER, VA    6
    02:45 pm EST - 12/16/2020    2 N POINT OF ROCKS, MD    5.8
    02:20 pm EST - 12/16/2020    1 NNW BERRYVILLE, VA    5.5

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  9. Those 10Z HRRR  maps posted on the previous page would be ridiculous for my area -- 12.6" snow, 3.9" sleet and 0.19" ice?!  Now I know that's highly unlikely but it would be nuts.  Even the new Euro JI posted would be a huge win compared to my expectaions.

    27/20 at closest station to me (GAI) but that spot runs cold.  I have 29

  10. I remember a storm way back in 1978 in Kettering, MD where they were saying a brief period of snow, then rain with a low passing over the area.  I was bummed.  I remember walking home from school looking at the smooth overcast sky and how sharp the cold felt and thought how much it sux that it's gonna rain.

    Light snow started in the evening and turned heavy quickly.  We got a completely unexpected front end thump with 5-7" in about three hours or so.  The news broke in with special reports.  It was so fun!  When the changeover happened later that night into the next day it was mostly drizzle and the snow stayed around with temps in the mid-30s.  The snowballs were brutal!

    Models were primitive compared to now but it would be awesome to get another surprise like that.

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  11. 5 minutes ago, caviman2201 said:

    In all seriousness though if there ever was a storm for novice chasers, this is it. If this crazy gradient verifies, those of us in the coastal plain who have never chased have a rare opportunity to chase from cold rain to a foot of snow and be back before our boss notices we left. :D

    Yeah I'd be tempted to do my 33-mile mini chase to Greenbrier Park off I-70 but man even there is looking dodgy now. 

  12. 32 minutes ago, ErinInTheSky said:

    Nothing changes for me in Germantown. Still somewhere between. 1 and 13 inches lol.

    Given the trends with this thing, my bar in Germantown is 4".  Some of our forum's northern spots could end up with fat ice sandwich -- 6 or so inches of snow, a thick layer of sleet congealed by some freezing rain, then a few inches of powder on top.  Enjoy!

  13. Just now, IronTy said:

    This storm has bust written all over it. Heck I probably won't even get an inch of rain.  Wood frogs were calling yesterday at my house, they think it's March already. 

    Sorry IronTy -- I grew up a few miles south of Dunkirk and know all about southern MD heartbreak.  Once my job locked in DC I started shopping for a NW area.  My family is still all there and they have fun with me when southern MD gets a big hit that I miss.

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  14. Montgomery County Exec proposing new restriction to go into effect Tuesday at 5 p.m. if approved limiting retail store capacity to 150 total.  There could be BIG lines for grocery stores that night!

    Man I can't wait for this afternoon's Euro.

  15. Rain and 39.  It's amazing how different it can be so close by!  I drove 33 miles to Greenbrier State Park on on I-70 once when I had all rain and even Frederick was a slushy inch, and found 5" with cottonballs coming down.  I might have to make that drive again Wednesday if things trend worse here.  My crusty old '01 Outback would enjoy :D

  16. It's funny seeing winter storm warnings in far western MD and severe thunderstorm warnings/tornado watch in the east.

    Here in between we never had more than mod rain; mostly just light.  Radar est. looks like about 0.6