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  1. Snow shower in Germantown.  Hard to believe we were in the 80s a few days ago.

    Back in the mid 1980s (in Calvert) in April, we hit 96 degrees one day, and four days later had a snow squall that put down a dusting.

  2. I was flipping through pictures and was amazed at how crazy March 2014 was.  We had March 3 with 5-6 inches with temps in the TEENS the next day.  Then about 10" on March 17 and I think it might have snowed one more time at the end of the month. 

    I agree with Mappy though and this 6-10 day outlook pleases me


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  3. Interesting USA Today article on La Nina and this year's severe season:

    The temperature of the water in the central and eastern tropical Pacific during February 2021 is similar to the La Niña pattern in February 2011," AccuWeather meteorologist Paul Pastelok said.

    Pastelok said the mid- to lower-Mississippi Valley and the mid-Atlantic regions will have the highest risk for severe weather this spring.


  4. 47 minutes ago, psuhoffman said:

    That’s crazy but when the snow isn’t too deep we hike down the goat trail from my back yard to the neighborhood below us across from Ebb Valley and a few times there has been a very noticeable difference in snow depth between up here and down there.  That’s the first time since I’ve been up here that I’ve noticed it that extreme. I know you said over the years from time to time there is a difference but never several times in a single season and to this extreme. But it makes sense since we had several storms where a bulk of the snow fell right near 32 degrees. That 1-2 degree difference between up here and down there can make a difference when it’s that close I guess. That and upslope/downslope. Every little bit with rates matters when you’re trying to accumulate at 33-34 degrees 

    Your micro-climate is really fascinating.  It makes you wonder what it would be like if you had elevations of say 2500 feet in that area.

  5. 11 minutes ago, CatoctinRN said:

    Emmitsburg is going to go over 4 inches it is just dumping here

    Amazing how different the winter was there compared to Germantown, over about a 45 minute driving distance.  All sleet here now 31 degrees.


  6. 3 minutes ago, North Balti Zen said:

    We may have missed snow again this week, but the .8 of sleet in my hood absolutely glaciated. To the point that I fell four, that's right FOUR times walking the pup this AM. Sore firsbs and wrist but don't think I broke anything. That's six falls in two days, so...probably should stop falling.   Absolutely dangerous as hell to this rapidly aging dude if you cant' see bare pavement to step on.  

    Alrighty North Balti, time to get you some of these


  7. 7 minutes ago, TSG said:

    The amount of complaining in here is comical. This storm looked like it was headed for Buffalo a week ago y'all. Frozen stuff is falling from the sky. Be happy.

    It's understandable since so many have missed the good snows with every system this winter, and this would have been an amazing thump had it been snow.  It's frustrating.

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  8. Rain/sleet mix and 26.  LOL zone forecast still has 3-5" new snow for today.  Please let this 8-14 day outlook be right.  I hope a huge SE ridge sets up and puts a bullet between the eyes of this pathetic winter.


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  9. 34 minutes ago, 66degreesnorth said:

    Does anyone on here remember/know if DC has even recently had a storm drop 3+ inches of sleet? I vaguely recall a March storm a few years ago that was supposed to be a sleet bomb, but did that fizzle out? I guess I'm wondering what a sleetstorm accumulating at the rate of an inch/hour for 3+ hours would actually look like. 

    I don't know what DC got but the Valentines sleet bomb of 2007 was one of the craziest things I've seen with hours of heavy sleet accumulating 4-8 inches in central MD.  It was pouring off our roof after the gutter was full and left a 20" deep ridge just outside the garage door.  Some places got a period of freezing rain at the end that solidified it so bad that cars were cemented in place.

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