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  1. UIWWildthing

    August Discobs Thread

    It’s blue skies, the sun is out.....and it’s pouring down rain in Dundalk. Edit the radar is comical, there’s this one little cell directly over my neighborhood
  2. UIWWildthing

    July Discobs Thread

    Flooding was at the MARC overpass on Route 40. I have a pic will need to reduce file size to post it
  3. UIWWildthing

    July Banter Thread

    @Jebman I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you and your family are doing well through this time. Add me to the list of those that are going to miss your Jebwalks as well.
  4. UIWWildthing

    May Banter

    Caps always have been my 2nd favorite team. I swear I'm not a masochist.
  5. UIWWildthing

    May Banter

    52 years and counting. It's sad when the franchise's biggest moment is a Game 6 win in a series they lost.
  6. UIWWildthing

    May Banter

    The Caps left an exclusive club last night. There are now only two teams to have made the SCF and not win a game. The Panthers, swept by the Avs in 1996....and my beloved Blues who are 0-12 in the SCF.
  7. UIWWildthing

    May Discobs Thread

    Been raining hard and heavy since around 3 here and hasn't stopped. Few claps of thunder sounded like bombs going off.
  8. UIWWildthing

    May Banter

    Try being a St. Louis Blues fan. Double that time, plus 7 more years.
  9. 16/9/3 June 2/1/0 July 3/1/1 August 3/1/1 September 6/5/1 October 2/1/0 November 0/0/0
  10. UIWWildthing

    May Banter

    D'awww look at the lil one! Congrats to you and your family.
  11. UIWWildthing

    May Banter

    Winning the series against the Pens really seemed to get the weight of the world off their shoulders.
  12. UIWWildthing

    May Discobs Thread

    Beautiful night for a game though.
  13. UIWWildthing

    May Banter

    This series is reminding me of the blues/Hawks series a few years ago. You could literally feel the weight of the burden that beating the Hawks was being lifted off the Blues' shoulders.
  14. UIWWildthing

    May Banter

    I've got a couple small fans that work wonders on days like these to cool the house down.
  15. UIWWildthing

    April Mid/Long Range & Disco