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  1. Not weather related, but oh dear God BaltimoreLink. I'm sorry if you ride transit in the Baltimore area. 90 minutes to go 6 miles.
  2. That's a clever idea, the baseball glove = leather. Have fun!
  3. Hello darkness my old friend...
  4. When I die, I want the St. Louis Blues to be my pallbearers, that way they can let me down one last time.
  5. Just looked up from my desk and couldn't see the building across the parking lot from the rain. Quite impressive.
  6. Hazy, hot and humid with a chance of afternoon or evening thunderstorms?
  7. And the top two seeds in the West in the NHL are gone.
  8. I enjoy the schadenfreude of having as many wins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year as the Chicago Blackhawks
  9. I am very OK with this.
  10. Lump's great for grilling, but I prefer briquettes for smoking. Better heat control with those.
  11. Hey look we get Bruce Boudreau in the first round!
  12. Winning the East is going to give the Caps the President's Trophy as well, seeing as the Hawks won't be able to catch the Caps. That all being said, get to the ECF so my Blues get that 2nd round draft pick.
  13. I thought about one year not doing one to see if I enjoy watching the games more.